Coaching women to healing, confidence and success through mastering self-love and manifestation.

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Welcome beautiful soul!

I’m Jasmine, an International Women’s Coach devoted to helping women master self-love and manifestation to live their most magnetic, abundant and purposeful life.

My expertise comes in identifying what patterns are no longer serving you, where you can heal your self-worth, and providing strategies to create new changes so that you can create the life that you absolutely love.

I am passionate about all things mindset, inner child healing and spirituality – which led me to writing my book “Manifest Like Bliss” – and include these approaches to my coaching practice to guide you in getting from where you are, to where you want to be.

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Keep shining your light xx

The Self-Love Workbook is a 16 page eBook filled with comprehensive prompts and healing tools to guide you towards loving yourself. Topics in the workbook include self-care, inner child healing, setting healthy boundaries, body image, and more!

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    Begin your day in a positive and uplifting tone by downloading the FREE Morning Meditation, created with love by Jasmine Lipska.

    You will receive one mp3 audio upon checkout. Please download to your computer/desktop first, before transferring to another device such as smartphone.

    If you enjoyed this meditation, you may like to purchase the entire set here:

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    ‘Guided Meditations- A Journey to Connecting with Your Highest Self’, is a compilation of 9 powerful guided meditations, produced and created by Jasmine Lipska.

    This compilation of guided meditations includes:

    • High Quality Binaural Meditation Music
    • Gently, softly spoken and calming guided voice
    • Genuine, authentic and original script
    • 6-14 powerful minutes each, totalling around 90 minutes of meditation
    • Automatic and easy-to-download mp3 format that is transferrable onto any other electronic device

    The Guided Meditations:

    1. Morning Energiser – 6:28
    2. Strengthening Your Intuition– 8:00
    3. Self-love and Inner Peace- 14:02
    4. Abundance – 11:03
    5. Gratitude and Positivity– 13:26
    6. Acceptance and Letting Go – 7:09
    7. Stress and Anxiety Relief – 10:41
    8. Evening Calm – 9:08
    9. Powerful Affirmations– 9:36
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    ‘Manifest Like Bliss’ written by Jasmine Lipska is a simple, straight-forward guide on the law of attraction and how to successfully apply it in your everyday life to manifest anything that your heart desires. Whether you are new to the concept of the law of attraction or want to enhance your understanding even deeper, this book is here to expand your awareness to create a life that you love intentionally, from the inside out.

    This is the eBook version.

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    ‘A Guide to Journalling’ is a class created with love by Jasmine Lipska.

    Inside this class, you will learn what journalling is, the incredible benefits, and how to journal effectively. After journalling for 10 years, Jasmine brings insight into her experience, and how it has changed her life in a positive way.

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Listen to the Jasmine Lipska Podcast.

Tune in as Jasmine discusses all things manifestation, conscious living, self-love and wellbeing. In this top-rated podcast, you’ll leave each episode feeling inspired, uplifted, positive and empowered to create your dream life.

Latest episodes:

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Client Success

Working with Jasmine is such a gift, I truly loved the Bloom program. Each life coaching session I had with her was so empowering, she has a natural way of supporting and inspiring personal growth. Her approach to personal coaching is so approachable she honors where you are, while encouraging you to reach towards your dreams. I found the way she coached me to blend self love practices with actionable steps that pushed me, so helpful. It gave me a renewed sense of joy and inner strength and confidence.

DenysiaClient: 1:1 Coaching Program

For anyone thinking about coaching with Jasmine – Jasmine is amazing! I’ve been following her for years and whenever I needed to feel better about myself, or feel good energy, she was one of the beautiful conscious women I turned to. When I saw that she had started coaching, I knew I had to work with her, I knew I had to have that energy in my life. I’m so glad I invested in me. If you need healing, definitely sign up with Jasmine!

JoannaClient: 1:1 Coaching Program

Jasmine has such a beautiful energy and a true gift to guide you to through whatever you may face in your life right now. I recently started the sessions with her and it helps me so much to gain another perspective and to shift through my emotions and challenges gracefully, and to access the deeper meaning of it. I highly recommend her to anyone who is willing to do the inner work; she will guide you with so much great input and lots of love. Thank you Jasmine for who you are and that you let us benefit from your gifts.

Celina1:1 Coaching Client

I can't recommend Jasmine enough! I was currently in the process of starting my own coaching business and on this journey, I had uncovered a lot of limiting beliefs I never knew I had. I also struggled with transitioning into becoming a coach as I had been a YouTuber prior. Jasmine was kind, easy to talk to, and held so much space for me. I felt my confidence come back! I would definitely book more sessions in the future. Sometimes, it takes a little energetic guidance from someone else to bring yourself back to center.

Kelly Morita1:1 Coaching Client

After working with Jasmine, I feel like I am becoming who I have always truly been inside. I am forever grateful to Jasmine for being the sweetest, most compassionate, empathetic, beautiful healing force that she is. Honestly, if you are open to doing this inner work, please book a call with Jasmine. Putting your well being first is the best decision you can make for yourself.

KylieClient: 1:1 Coaching

When I first started my coaching program with Jasmine, I was facing some difficulties with my business as I didn’t know where to start. I didn’t have any experience as an entrepreneur and I had some knowledge lacks. When I first started my coaching sessions with Jasmine, Jasmine gave me so much knowledge and tools to keep me going with my work. She only needed to tell me where to start or drop me some hints of ideas, and I did this without hesitation. I felt good while I was coached by Jasmine, her energy was so positive and she always knew to ask the right questions. asmine helped me be a great career mentor which I am super grateful for. I always felt free to ask her questions and I didn’t feel pressured or stressed out in our coaching sessions.

LeaClient: 1:1 Coaching

Read my book “Manifest Like Bliss”

The straight-forward guide on the law of attraction and how to successfully apply it in your everyday life to manifest anything that your heart desires.

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