I'm a Mindset & Leadership Coach, Energetic Business Strategist, Author and Host of the "Awakened CEO Podcast". I'm extremely passionate about helping female leaders and CEOs to reprogram their inner world, so they can live in alignment with their soul and AWAKEN their true potential.

Some more fun facts about me: I'm also an artist at heart, 100% prefer island life to city life, need to live by the ocean, am a 6/2 Emotional Generator, have psychic abilities, and speak 4 languages. So....welcome!

I’m Jasmine.

My Services

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I'm a Trained & Qualified Life Coach.

6+ years of experience the in Self Development industry.

I have coached hundreds of clients through my programs.

I specialise in Subconscious Mastery, Inner Child Healing, Shadow work & Life Design.

I am trauma-informed, deeply care about my clients, and provide them with a SAFE space to heal.

Why work with me

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What My Clients Have To Say

"Every session with Jasmine left me feeling lighter, freer, and more authentically myself. She helped me find my voice, get clear on my values, and remember my purpose. Learning to examine and let go of expectations, embrace change and the unknown, and integrate my shadows has changed my life completely. Not only is my relationship with myself thriving, but my relationships with my husband, family, and friends have never been stronger."


"In the 3 months that I worked with Jasmine I was amazed to see how much progress I made within my business as I was able to tune into my intuition. I was able to have the confidence to post what I felt aligned with and also attract more of my ideal clients. My favourite part of working with Jasmine was uncovering the deeper roots of my inner child which allowed me to step into a higher version of myself and that to me is priceless."


"Throughout our coaching sessions, Jasmine was very kind. She provided me with a safe space where I could express myself and explore my thoughts and feelings. She helped me to process my emotions when I couldn’t understand them, and unpacked all the mental blocks that were in the way of my healing and growth. 6 months of coaching with Jasmine had transformed me tremendously. "


"3 months of coaching with Jasmine transformed my life immensely. Through the sessions, she helped me to heal my Inner child, and this has given me self confidence to speak my voice more freely. Jasmine has a calming energy that feels so easy for clients to open up their hearts to. After every session, I felt so light and liberated. I can proudly say coming up to Jasmine & taking her coaching program has been the best decision of my life. Life now is so beautiful."


"Jasmine patiently listened to me, found out the root of my issues and provided me with specific exercises to practice. She also helped me to improve my relationship with money & call in more abundance into my life. I made new friends and I’m surrounded by people who genuinely care and support me. As a result, I have also become much more confident and happy. Having Jasmine as my coach has changed my life in all areas. I can’t recommend her service enough."


"I decided to start working with Jasmine because I was struggling with imposter syndrome. What then happened throughout our coaching sessions exceeded my expectations. I ended up not only healing the imposter syndrome but also healing my attachment style through inner child work. It’s as if I finally could see my own actions, patterns and beliefs more clearly allowed me to make positive changes in my life. I will forever be grateful for this transformation."


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Work with Jasmine

Jasmine Lipska Coaching Ltd. is devoted to guiding female leaders and CEOs in reprogramming their inner world so they can live in alignment with their soul and awaken their highest potential.

We aim to provide high-level, premium services to our clients, and we value intimacy, genuine care, and transformation. 

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