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Hi love! Are you here because you...

Want to develop a loving, secure relationship with yourself and ignite your confidence in life & relationships?

Often people please and want to take back your power to show up unapologetically?

Know that a deeply fulfilling, liberating and purposeful life is for you however feel confused on the next step to take?

Want the freedom to be authentically you and overcome the fear of judgement?

If you said YES to any one of the above,

Want to heal your relationship with food and your body, and overcome disordered eating patterns?

Want to call in a loving, healthy relationship with your dream man OR desire to create more security, intimacy and depth with your partner?

Want to be connected to your intuition, feel more grounded and reduce anxiety?

Desire to understand who you truly are, to create a life where you embody your kriya (flow) and are living to your highest potential?

you're at the right place...

I'm Jasmine, and I am a qualified Women's Life Coach, Self-Actualisation Mentor, Author and Host of the "Jasmine Lipska Podcast". I guide heart-centred women in embodying their authenticity to create a life of true alignment, freedom and fulfilment.

In my practice, I support you through inner child healing, subconscious reprogramming, energy alignment and shadow work.

Hi Beautiful

I'm a Qualified Beautiful You Life Coach.

5+ years of experience in Self Development industry.

I have coached hundreds of clients and students through my programs.

I specialise in Subconscious Mastery, Inner Child Healing, Shadow work & Energy Alignment.

I truly CARE about my clients and the experience they receive.

Why work with me:

My Style

My coaching style is not by the textbook, applying the same thing to everyone. I aim to create long lasting results for each of my clients by understanding who they are, their needs, and their individual goals.

As a Coach, I empower my clients to access their wisdom from within, challenge what they know, and guide them into their Highest potential.

As a Mentor, I also hold space for my clients to feel deeply heard and seen, and provide my own intuitive guidance to support you in moving forward in the right direction.

Both my skills as a Coach and Mentor are blended into my sessions. 

My goal? To leave you feeling empowered, uplevelled and more liberated after each coaching call!

The benefits of 1:1 Coaching


1x 90 minute Initiation session

Bi-weekly calls every month (6 total)

Integration work between sessions

Unlimited text messaging support between sessions

3 month 1:1 coaching

1x 90 minute Initiation session

Bi-weekly calls every month (13 total)

Integration work between sessions

Unlimited text messaging support between sessions

6 month 1:1 coaching

I am so grateful that the universe led me to Jasmine, who guided, supported, and believed in me throughout my journey of deep inner healing. Prior to working together, I had been searching for self-love and self-confidence but felt trapped in the cycle of self-betrayal that was rooted in the negative beliefs that I carried about myself. For so long I had been feeling lost and out of touch with myself. I struggled with perfectionism and feeling like a fraud, both in my career and in my personal life.

Jasmine taught me how to reconnect with my inner child through various practices. Her kindness, wisdom, empathy, and compassion created a space where I felt completely safe to be vulnerable. In our coaching sessions, we dove deep into painful memories from my childhood, and Jasmine taught me how to release the negative, critical thoughts and beliefs that no longer serve me. I shifted from having a victim mentality to taking radical responsibility for my life. The most valuable lesson I learned is that I have the power to meet my own needs of being seen, heard, loved, and making myself feel safe, rather than searching for external sources to fulfill these needs.

Cultivating self-love was by far my greatest success. I feel so much more in touch with my emotions and I learned to trust myself and to speak to myself with compassion and kindness. I used to avoid difficult emotions and conflict, but now, I face them head-on because I trust my ability to handle whatever life throws my way. Every session with Jasmine left me feeling lighter, freer, and more authentically myself. She helped me find my voice, get clear on my values, and remember my purpose. Learning to examine and let go of expectations, embrace change and the unknown, and integrate my shadows has changed my life completely. Not only is my relationship with myself thriving, but my relationships with my husband, family, and friends have never been stronger. 

Coaching with Jasmine was the best decision I ever made because it transformed my life. It took daily commitment to become the best version of myself, requiring mindfulness and examination of my beliefs, thoughts, actions, habits, and values. By investing in myself and committing to my healing and growth, I learned to embody the belief that I am worthy, valuable, and deserving of the best that life has to offer. 


My life two years back was all shattered. I found myself on a path from where I had no clue as where to go, and then Universe sent this Beautiful Angel – Jasmine in my Life.

3 months of coaching with Jasmine transferred my life immensely.

Areas we touched on included Self-Love. Before, I could see certain repetitive patterns in my life but I was unaware of my behavioural patterns, which Jasmine identified during our sessions.  I used to rely on external validation for happiness & was constantly attracting emotionally unavailable people in my life, and now this is all changing.

We also touched on Inner Child Healing. Since I lost my Father at an early age, my Inner child needed love and a voice to be heard and seen. Through the sessions, Jasmine helped me give a voice to my Inner Child.

We also went into limiting beliefs. Since childhood, I was carrying so many limiting beliefs which I was not even aware of. It was Jasmine who noticed them and helped me to release them from my subconscious mind.

The biggest lesson I learned through coaching was self love. It was like home-coming. I now feel safe and secure in my own company. I feel happier, enough, whole and complete. I am now free from old patterns of people pleasing, seeking external validation and low self worth.
Jasmine helped me feel worthy and valuable.

By healing my Inner child, I now feel so much more connected with my family by speaking my truth unapologetically. This has given me self confidence to speak my voice more freely.

Jasmine has a calming energy that feels so easy for clients to open up their hearts to. After every session, I felt so light and liberated. 

I can proudly say coming up to Jasmine & taking her coaching program has been the best decision of my life. Life now is so beautiful.


Before I started my 1:1 coaching with Jasmine I felt like I had hit a really low point in my life and didn’t know where to go from there. I felt like my soul was crushed and wasn’t being fulfilled. I craved taking back the rights to my own life again and wanted to stop feeling trapped. 

I have learned so much with Jasmine. From inner child healing, shadow work, and even helping me through a bad break-up amidst being in lockdown, I have learned so much about myself and how to better answer my souls true calling. I have learned how to value myself, and not let other’s place their limiting beliefs on me, and how I am still lovable and worthy even during a time I was at my worst. I have also re-aligned my beliefs when it comes to a typical 9-5 job, which I have never felt was my calling, and am inspired to take a leap into starting my own business on the side.

After our sessions I always felt so energized and inspired. I am journaling pretty much each day and focussing on what I am as opposed to what I am not. I already feel so much change even in the way I think about myself, I am not having thoughts of hate towards myself or my body anymore and have a lot more trust in myself. 

I found all of Jasmine’s coaching immeasurably valuable and just what my soul needed. I am so glad I listened to my intuition that was calling me to sign up for her coaching because as it happened the next 3 months of my life were going to be some of the most challenging and heart- breaking times I’ve experienced in a long time, and having Jasmine there to guide me through and give me meditations, release exercises, journaling prompts and constant support is probably what helped me get through. I truly believe she was an angel sent to me at a time I really needed guidance. 

If you’re wondering if you should invest in coaching with Jasmine, I couldn’t recommend it enough. She is truly so awakened and able to listen to what your soul is crying out for as you have each session with her. She is so precise and switched on, accurately pin-pointing limitations that came up in conversation without me realizing I was even doing them out of habit. She feels like a true friend from beginning to end who is genuinely there to support you, acknowledge you, hear you and help you become the truest, most fulfilling version of yourself that you can be in this life.


​​I struggled for years with people pleasing and being the “good girl”; so much so that I didn’t know who I truly was. Last year I felt especially low and was tired of putting my well-being at the bottom of my priorities. During this low period, I found Jasmine’s podcast and felt very called to book a session with her. I decided to show up for myself and I booked a call! I had hoped that this would be the beginning of a new, self-compassionate and healing journey for me. I wanted to start living my life! 

I felt so safe and welcome during my call with Jasmine. I could feel she truly cared and I felt safe to open up to her and do the inner work. After my first call, my intuition called loud and clear and said, “keep going!”. So I then booked a 6 week program with Jasmine. It was one of the best decisions I have ever made. 
In those 6 weeks, I enrolled in school, I got a tattoo (which I had always wanted to do!), set boundaries for myself, and I learned to truly love and be grateful for myself. I rewrote my story from “I am not good enough. All I do is people please.” to “I AM ENOUGH and I have always been enough! I am worthy of a fulfilling and abundant life.” 

After working with Jasmine, I feel like I am becoming who I have always truly been inside. I am forever grateful to Jasmine for being the sweetest, most compassionate, empathetic, beautiful healing force that she is. Honestly, if you are open to doing this inner work, please book a call with Jasmine. Putting your well being first is the best decision you can make for yourself. I will absolutely book more calls in the future!


​​Growing up, I was my own biggest critic. I was a perfectionist and struggled with feedback at work and in my relationships. I often relied on successes and external validation for happiness. I found myself trapped in a cycle of constantly trying to “fix” myself, because I never felt good enough. I was sick and tired of the same patterns that kept repeating itself, so I reached out to Jasmine and that was one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life. 

Throughout our coaching sessions, Jasmine was very kind. She provided me with a safe space where I could express myself and explore my thoughts and feelings. She helped me to process my emotions when I couldn’t understand them, and unpacked all the mental blocks that were in the way of my healing and growth. Jasmine taught me to let go of limiting beliefs that do not serve my higher self, and inspired me to rewrite my story. 

6 months of coaching with Jasmine had transformed me tremendously. I would highly recommend her to anyone who wants to redefine themselves and reclaim the happiness that they’ve always deserved!


​​I first wanted to work with Jasmine as I was feeling burnt out with my own coaching business and wanted to feel more aligned with what worked best for me as previously learned strategies didn’t feel right.

Jasmine helped guide me to reflect on where some of these issues may have been coming from. She helped bring up a lot of pushed down trauma and really helped me connect to my inner child.

The work we did together guided me to level up personally, in business and it also really helped me in my relationship and learning to connect more with myself and my partner.

In the 3 months that I worked with Jasmine I was amazed to see how much progress I made within my business as I was able to tune into my intuition and focus on courses which felt aligned to me. I was able to have the confidence to post what I felt aligned with and also attract more of my ideal clients.

My favourite part of working with Jasmine was uncovering the deeper roots of my inner child which allowed me to step into a higher version of myself and that to me is priceless and I can’t be more thankful for Jasmine. 


​​I have been following Jasmine’s journey for the last 4 years and am inspired so much by her. I reached out to Jasmine because I felt lost, unconfident and kept having an inner critic with everything I do. I was just sad and didn’t feel a purpose in life.

Jasmine has helped me to set short term & long term goals, and created sustainable motivation. She also introduced me to meditation and journaling which I thought I would never do before. These have helped me a lot in terms of my healing journey (child wounds & self love) with not only myself, but also added benefits to my relationship. She patiently listened to me, found out the root of my issues and provided me with specific exercises to practice. 

She also helped me to improve my relationship with money, call in more abundance into my life, and a lot more during our coaching together.
I finally set up my small business on Etsy and got a second job which I enjoy so much. I made new friends and I’m surrounded by people who genuinely care and support me.

I’ve created new habits such as spending time practicing gratitude, self love, meditation and journaling.
As a result, I have also become much more confident, happy and grateful with everything.

Having Jasmine as my coach has changed my life in all areas. I can’t recommend her service enough.

If you are feeling lost and need guidance, I definitely suggest you book 1:1 coaching with Jasmine. She will help you transform your life and see things with a positive perspective.


When I reached out to Jasmine I was deeply insecure and scattered all over the place while trying to navigate through several business ventures of my own. I first discovered her through Youtube and after seeing her videos and how much personal growth she’s been through I was inspired to do the same work for myself.

When I began coaching with her I knew I had a lot of anxieties to work through and while I knew of some coping mechanisms, nothing seemed to be making a significant difference. 
Jasmine not only gave me tools to help ground myself in the present moment but also introduced me to inner child work practices, which have been so healing for past traumas.

I cannot express enough how much inner child work has impacted my daily life, and most importantly it has been healing my relationship with myself.  

Learning to trust myself again was the internal shift I needed to happen to manifest my material goals. Now I feel so connected with my internal self. I’m able to identify my own needs and wants much more quickly. I’ve also been able to push myself to do more things that are out of my comfort zone. And ever since I’ve been making these internal changes I’m noticing more of my manifestations coming to light and even was able to get my product in a physical store. Things that would have gotten me down before aren’t affecting me as much as they used to.  

Jasmine has given me so many tools that I know I will use for life. I understand now that if I want big changes to happen then I have to start from within. Once you acknowledge those mental blocks and begin to work on them suddenly everything starts to flow again.


I decided to start working with Jasmine because I was struggling with imposter syndrome.

She was the first coach I really felt called to work with because I resonated a lot with her story, personality and beautiful energy. She‘s genuinely caring and most importantly, amazing at holding space for you which allows you to open up. 

What then happened throughout our coaching sessions exceeded my expectations. I ended up not only healing the imposter syndrome but also healing my attachment style through inner child work. It’s as if I finally could see my own actions, patterns and beliefs more clearly and from another perspective which allowed me to make positive changes in my life. I will forever be grateful for this transformation.

She also gives you helpful tips and homework like mantras, journaling exercises, book recommendations and meditations.I felt heard, valued and seen at every moment and I could just be my authentic self during our coaching sessions. This, in itself, is already such a gift and therefore, doing the inner work felt much easier and safer.

You can truly feel that Jasmine is living her purpose and I hope she keeps sharing her beautiful light with the world. It was an absolute pleasure to work with her and I would recommend her to anyone!!

Learning about psychology, reading self-help books, journaling, meditating etc. is great, but having someone like Jasmine who helps you reflect yourself in a 1:1 setting and makes you aware of your own “blind spots”, is priceless.

Thank you Jasmine with all my heart.


I am so grateful and glad I invested in myself by booking Jasmine’s coaching program! 
It has been a powerful, healing, fun and transformational journey.

Each week was a time for growth. I reached many important goals and I took many inspired actions regarding my life purpose, personal life and my dreams.
I overcame fears and beliefs that were limiting my growth and the journaling prompts helped me to gain deeper understanding.
I really loved every coaching session with Jasmine and it was great to be able to ask her questions and receive email support, tools and answers in between two sessions. The weekly homework really fitted my needs and supported my positive changes in right timing!

I am so happy I invested in a coach, and Jasmine’s coaching program is really worth the investment. 

Jasmine knows how to bring positivity, practicality to create dreams, she is very supportive, heart-centered and her coaching is empowering and brings freedom. 
I really appreciate the way she is listening and holding space for her client as well as her bright energy and presence. 
This program was life changing and I highly recommend Jasmine as a coach! 

Anne Lise

Prior to coaching, I had a very difficult time expressing myself, and constantly entered into my childhood coping mechanisms when I was confronted, in a discussion or when a conversation wasn’t going where I expected it to go – which included shutting down, avoidance and defensiveness. I was constantly anxious, stressed and in fear, and I was so fed up by it. After following Jasmine for a while, I finally took the leap to invest in creating a change in my life.

Coaching gave me a very safe space to express myself – I’ve cried, swore and spoke openly to Jasmine about everything that came up for me, even though there were things that I thought were “insignificant”. Every little “insignificant” moment that I brought up to Jasmine, she delved into how significant it was and ask me questions to find my “why”.

I have been able to communicate my feelings and thoughts significantly during and after coaching, and allowed myself to express whatever the f*** I believed and my truth without judging myself. My advice is - this is a continuous journey of learning and don’t expect yourself to change instantly with all the new information, but being coached by Jasmine has drastically increased my level of self-awareness and self-compassion over time, and every small milestone counts




What My Clients Had To Say

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Due to a high volume of applications, please allow 2-3 working days for Jasmine to get back to your application. Jasmine looks through each one and works with women who are most suitable for the programs. Please only apply if you are serious about working with Jasmine.

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