My 20 Life Power Statements

What do you value? What morals do you live by? What kind of person do you want to be? What inspires you? What makes you, you?

These are some of my Life Power Statements; statements in which I try to live my life by and inspire me to be the best version of myself. They come from my core and are my truth, and I find that writing them down helps me to eliminate limiting thoughts in my head, created by that ‘mean voice’ we all have inside.

  1. Love is ALWAYS the answer.
  2. I am my own best guru and best friend.
  3. My body is my temple: always nourish, love and treat my body with respect.
  4. Exist to live, not live to exist.
  5. Treat others as I would like to be treated: with respect and love.
  6. Be kind to others, the animals, and the planet.
  7. The best time is Now.
  8. Stay humble, but be proud of your achievements within yourself.
  9. The best gift that I can give is service and presence.
  10. Every person and any person is my teacher.
  11. I accept myself fully for who I am- strengths, weaknesses and all.
  12. I am grateful for all of the little things in life.
  13. I do matter, as every one else does too.
  14. Be okay and accept what is, at every moment.
  15. No matter what happened in the past, always let it go and focus on love.
  16. Only I can create my own happiness. It is all on me.
  17. Pity and feeling sorry for myself does not get me anywhere.
  18. Trust in life and go at your own pace.
  19. Smiling and laughing are great for my health, and for others too!
  20. I am here to live my purpose and to serve others.

Now, have a go and try to write out your own Life Power Statements. Ensure that they are true to you- don’t copy these ones down for the sake of copying, but you are certainly more than welcome to use these as inspiration to explore your own truth! Really dig deep into your core, think about what words will empower you to live to your fullest, and don’t be limited. I also recommend printing or writing your list out to stick onto a surface you often use, such as your mirror or wardrobe door. Remember, you already are an amazing human, and it is okay if you don’t follow all of these statements every single day; we are only human, and this is simply here to guide you♡

Inspired by my inspiration, Melissa Ambrosini ♡

13 Replies on My 20 Life Power Statements

  • Hi jasmine… I am from Indonesia. I love that u finally make a blog. My passions are pretty much the same with you that’s why when I watched your videos I feel connected somehow. I love learning languages, positivity healthy life and I love education. I always believe every body has their own journey. I am currently applying for my graduate degree in UK and I had a conditional letter. I am working hard searching for scholarship. But I always believe I can study abroad one day. Anyway, I just want to know u made a difference in the way u spread positivity, keep doing it okay. I had a thought on writing you a letter. I will send it to Australia. I hope we can be friend.

  • Hi Jasmine,
    I just wanted to take the time to tell you that you have impacted my life in many ways. I had always tried to find videos on YouTube to help get myself together and start a journey of productivity and self love, but stumbling across your videos has really changed me. You have a way of speaking that can really get to people and l appreciate that. I am a 19 year old living in London, and due to some health problems I am retaking the year before I go to university. As a result I am one year behind my classmates and my friends. It really hit me, and I was at an all time low. Thankfully I am much better, and am on my way to success!!
    I just wanted to tell you to keep doing what you do!
    Love from London 💕

    • Hi!
      Wow, thank you so much for your heart warming message! It really makes me so happy to know that I could help you in some way, but most importantly, you are so strong and inspiring yourself, and I love your attitude! Wishing you all the best 🙂

  • I think I really needed this so thank you! You’ve inspired me so much and I’m at such as better place now thanks to your wisdom and advice. Please keep doing what you’re doing! <3

  • Hi Jasmine, I’ve been following your youtube account for a month and I love the positivity that you post. It inspires to start caring for myself as I have been suffering from depression and anxiety since I have started uni. There has always been a reasonable self doubt in me and I can not thank you enough for producing content to people who might be going through things. Your positivity gives me hope as well as others and I just have to say that I you wish the absolute best in life. And,thanks so much for being true.

    • Oh wow, your words are truly so heart warming! Thank you for your love and support; I am beyond happy that I can make even a little difference to your day. You are amazing, and I hope all the best for you ♡

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