14 Daily Habits To Practice For Success

Hi beautiful souls!

In a recent video, I shared with you 14 daily habits that you can practice for success. I am so happy to know that many of you found it insightful! To follow up, I wanted to write this blog post to expand on the video and what was shared 🙂

Our habits are actions programmed in our minds that we consciously or unconsciously take, on a repeated basis, that create our life and the results we see.

It is important to become aware of our habits because they steer the direction in which we head in our life, and cultivating good habits that support your wellbeing ultimately lead you on to the path of your purpose, fulfilling your dharma (sanskrit word for higher calling), and success.

But how do we define ‘success’? In general, success is the accomplishment of your aims or purpose, and reaching your goals.

As for how success looks like, that is only defined by you. Every person, every soul, has a unique calling, purpose and perspective of reality, so the painted picture of success is different for everyone. All that you need to care for is being unapologetic about how you define success for yourself, and don’t compare this to anyone else. You don’t need others to approve of what success means to you and you don’t need external validation, as long as it is your truth and comes from your heart, that’s what matters.

For some people, success means recovering from an eating disorder, getting out of bed, or taking a step outside. For others, it means earning a certain income, raising kind children, winning an olympic medal, or obtaining a particular qualification. Regardless of what success means to us, it is all wonderful and great, so let’s support and root for each other 🙂

From this, we can see that there are also different types of ‘success’- it can be personal, financial, relationships, health, education, family…the list goes on, and I encourage you to take out a piece of paper, write out these categories, and start listing in dot points what success means to you in these areas.

For example, success in the area of family for me means spending quality time to bond together as a family every week. In the personal area, success to me means being present and grateful for what I have while accomplishing steps to reach my goals.

So now, I’m sure that we can all agree on the overall meaning of success, since we share the human condition and ultimately desire the same things. And those things are the feelings of joy, peace, love, excitement, fulfilment, worthiness, satisfaction, giving, and growth, which is what ‘success’ gives us. When you are successful, you are vibrating at a high frequency, aligned with your truth, and attracting your desires. You feel fulfilled

In this video, I share with you some daily habits that I practice, and ones you can practice too, to guide you in reaching your own definition of success. Habits are key to growth and expansion, and you deserve to live a life beyond your greatest dreams, so once you are conscious of the actions you take daily, you can begin to develop yourself into being the best version of you. I always remind myself, ‘how you do anything, is how you do everything‘.

And just something to note and keep in mind- just because you haven’t achieved something yet, it doesn’t mean that you are a failure. Just because you see someone else as ‘successful’, it doesn’t mean that you can’t be successful.

I don’t believe in failure, because in every situation and experience, there is always something to be learned, and when you learn, you haven’t ‘failed’, but taken another step forward.

Most importantly, what someone else is, doesn’t shrink your worth. What someone else has, you can have too. We are all created equal, so celebrate joyfully when someone you know feels successful. Be genuinely happy for them, and you will receive great blessings in return, as everything in life is pure energy that attracts like energy. (See more in my Law of Attraction video). What you wish upon others, you wish upon yourself. In fact, when someone around you is successful, it is a sign from the universe that it too is coming for you in divine timing, as this situation has manifested into your reality.

Lastly, be conscious about getting ‘caught up’ in success. Go all out for your dreams, create the most wonderful definition of success in your mind, focus on your goals and the direction you desire to head in, but stay present. Life isn’t about constant chasing after one thing. Life is Now, and Now is all there ever is. Everything is temporary, and think about what is most important to you in your life. Most likely, it is relationships, family, friends, experiences, special moments. Be here now, appreciate what you already have, strive for growth, but don’t let life pass you by without your full presence. Trust that you are guided, and in a way, you are already successful as you are right now.

Sending my love and blessings, may something wonderful happen to you today♡



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  • Amazing message! I’m definitely as soon as I get home today try to define success for me in all areas, because is something I have never though about. Thank you for your amazing post. I loved the video you made on the topic, but seing this post helped have a more broad notion of what success should feel like. You’re amazing! 😊

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