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Hello beautiful friends♡

In today’s post, I want to openly share with you some of my daily intentions that I do my best to practice every day, from the moment I wake in consciousness to the moment I sleep and drift away.

Through sharing my intentions with you, I hope that this also encourages you to set daily intentions as well. Intention setting is a powerful yet simple tool that can truly allow you to embody the best version of yourself through the day, cultivate love and joy, and reach your own unique definition of success, therefore ultimate fulfilment. It is an act of self-love that empowers belief in you, worthiness, and guides you to connect with your highest self.

As the beloved Dr. Wayne Dyer describes in his book [The Power of Intention], “intention is a force in the universe, and everything and everyone is connected to this invisible force.”. It is an energy you can access that allows you to co-create your life, making you realise that you are in control of your reality and perception of what is real.

By consciously setting intentions at the beginning of each day, you can create a wonderful reality for yourself. Only you are responsible for your life, so you have the power to live in joy, love, abundance, freedom, and anything else that you desire, through intending on how you respond and react to life at every moment. You are a precious, divine creation of God, the universe, the Creator, and you are worthy of creating your dream life right now. By the pure fact that you have this dream, it means that you are absolutely capable of manifesting it into a reality, otherwise the universe wouldn’t have given this dream to you.

You were created with intention, every part of you. The universe creates everything with intention. Everything you can see in the physical realm has been brought to manifesting through an intention. When you intend something from a place of love, you become inspired- or in-spirited, as spirit is working through you- to take action for the highest good of all. And when you do that, you will receive the highest good too. You align with a high frequency and become an energetic match to your desires. (This is then leading on to the law of attraction, which I made a video on all about here.)

Hopefully you’re feeling more inspired now to consciously set out intentions for yourself every day- I truly can’t emphasise enough how helpful this practice has been in my own self-development journey, and it is also a very powerful activity that can help you shift your limiting beliefs and create new agreements with yourself. I highly recommend that you write out your intentions in your journal or a piece of paper, and read over them every morning when you rise. During my journalling time every morning, I also write down a specific intention that I want to carry out in that day, which cultivates more focus in my mind.

So, here are some of my main daily intentions!

  • To choose love over fear.
  • To listen to my intuition.
  • To allow my heart and God to guide me.
  • To serve the highest good of all.
  • To embrace all of who I am wholeheartedly.
  • To openly share my gifts to the world.
  • To stay open wide to all of the possibilities.
  • To nourish my mind, body and soul.
  • To practice self-care and rest.
  • To treat myself and others with great love, kindness and respect.
  • To act from a place of joy, passion and purpose.
  • To remember that everything is One and connected.
  • To speak to and treat my temple with utmost love, for it is a gift.
  • To stay connected to my Why and life mission.
  • To stay present in the moment and enjoy the journey of life.
  • To let go of comparison.
  • To do my best in all that I do.
  • To remember that everything is temporary.
  • To have fun and take action with joy.
  • To cherish every moment.
  • To practice clear communication in all conversations.
  • To connect with mother nature.
  • To inhale positive energy and exhale any tension with every breath, to bring me back to a calm.
  • To send blessings to every soul I meet and leave them feeling good about themselves.
  • To spend time in silence and communication with God.
  • To not take everything in life too seriously.
  • To meet everyone with an open heart and understanding, without judgement.
  • To stay connected to my inner child and play.
  • To remember that everyone is doing their best according to their reality and level of consciousness in the present.
  • To focus on the good, the beauty, and all there is to be grateful for.
  • To prioritise what is truly important in life.
  • To let go of what doesn’t serve me.
  • To shine my light brightly and inspire the same within others.
  • To trust in life and surrender to the divine, greater plan, releasing all control and understanding that everything in life unfolds exactly as it is meant to.

Sending my love,




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