Productivity Habits that will Stop Procrastination- How to Get Things Done

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In this blog post, I want to further expand on my recent video “Productivity Habits that will Stop Procrastination” in more detail, so that it can guide you to getting more things done in a day and manifesting your dream life.

As I mentioned at the start of the video, resting, relaxing and playing can also be productive, and I don’t ever intend to glorify being productive and constant hustling as a means of appearing ‘successful’. For me, being productive means investing in your time and energy into what serves your highest good, so on one hand it may be working, on another hand it may be relaxing under the sun, reading a good book 🙂

You may know that I am very passionate about self-love and mental health, and as someone who has experienced and struggled through work-addiction, where I used to never allow myself to rest (or if I did, I felt ‘guilty’), I truly emphasise the importance of being as much as the doing in life. We are human beings after all, here to enjoy our unique journey through work and play. 

It’s really all about figuring out and discovering your own balance, a journey that I too am still on, but with practice and over time, I am truly cultivating a greater sense of balance when it comes to being productive. It is possible for every one, and if I can do it, so can you.

So while it’s great and important to have moments and days where we aren’t as ‘productive’ as others, there’s no secret that in order to reach your own definition of success, to create a life that you love, you need to take action.

In fact, the ‘law of action’ is a universal law, just as is the ‘law of attraction’, which ultimately pair with each other.

As humans, we are here to manifest, and in order to bring a thought into a physical reality, you need to take action. It’s in our nature and what we are always doing, whether we are conscious of it or not.

For example, you feel thirsty and want to drink some water. Through taking action and pouring water into a cup, you just manifested a cup of water to rehydrate yourself. Or, you just had a thought that you want to start a youtube channel. You then take action by creating an account, taking out a camera, filming, editing, and uploading it to your channel. And now you have manifested this thought into a reality! It’s truly as simple as that 🙂

A question that I often get asked is: “Jasmine, how do you get so many things done?”

I’m always so humbled by the fact that so many of you feel inspired by my work in this way, though I do want to say that, of course, I most definitely have my ‘lazy days’ every now and then where I don’t feel so great or simply don’t feel like doing much. On these days, I honour my being and allow myself to relax. I know that this is not my predominant state, it is only temporary, and my mental health is just as important as anything else. Always be kind to yourself 🙂

And sure, sometimes I do find myself procrastinating, and that’s okay! Honour the seasons of mother nature, honour your human-ness, and don’t ever force yourself to hustle.

That being said, it always been a trait within me to get things done, to be self-aware, and be determined to achieve my goals. I have always been able to manage procrastination well, to be organised, and get to where I desire to be while enjoying the present moment.

This year has been the most transformational year of my life, and I have been able to continuously manifest my dream life day in and out, which I am wholeheartedly and deeply grateful for with every breath I take.

It’s all because I took action, which lead to the launch of this website, my ETSY store, creating my Guided Meditations, affirmation cards, eBooks, workbooks, my first ever merch, the 2019 Journal of Love, travelling the world, all while consistently uploading videos to my Youtube channel.

Manifesting all of these things into a physical reality has been an absolute dream come true, a dream I don’t take for granted, and I am sharing this with you so that you too can feel inspired to follow your passions, to utilise your gifts, and to stop procrastinating.

You are only in this physical body once; honour your life and divine presence, make it count, and start taking action now.

All of the productivity habits that I mentioned in the video and will expand on here are ones that I have implemented throughout my life, to help me get to where I am today. I truly hope that you find it insightful, and if there is anything you see that I didn’t mention, but you practice, you are more than welcome to share it in the comments section 🙂

Productivity Habits that will Stop Procrastination 

In the video:


  1. Bringing yourself back to the present moment when your mind drifts off.
  2. Prioritising self-care to reduce stress and anxiety when it arises.
    How to reduce stress and anxiety
    How to meditate
    Free self-love journal
  3. Let go of perfectionism and just get going.
  4. Being organised
    2019 Journal of Love
  5. Set clear and specific goals
  6. Chunk big tasks down
  7. Eliminate distractions and time wasters
  8. Set boundaries
  9. Visualisation
  10. Practicing gratitude
  11. Speaking kindly to yourself
    Affirmation cards
    Self-Love Workbook

More habits:


  1. Asking yourself questions as you do things in the moment.This means being present and being conscious of your actions. As you go about your day, ask yourself questions such as:
  • Am I connected to myself today?
  • Is what I am doing serving my highest self and those around me?
  • Why am I putting something off?
  • How am I feeling now and how do I want to feel?Procrastination also often happens because we want to avoid how we are feeling in this present moment. It may be because it is uncomfortable, so we temporarily, often unconsciously, do things to distract ourselves instead of directly facing what we need to and showing up fully in the present. This is a manifestation of the ego and weakens our inner power, but of course, we are much more powerful than we realise, and simply by questioning your actions, you can take back your power to be present again face the this moment as it is. In the Now, you are love, and love is the most powerful frequency. If you do feel uncomfortable, acknowledge your feelings, and choose love over fear.
    As you ask yourself why you are putting off what you need to do, be truly honest with yourself, and take time to dive deep into your answers. It can lead to self-discovery and breakthroughs that can change your life. You can even write it down in your journal.

   2. Set intentions for the day

  • Previously I have written a blog post all about intention setting, it’s importance, and shared with you some of my main daily intentions too.
  • Setting intentions helps with preventing procrastination, because when you are clear about what you desire to get out of the task, you approach it from a place of joy. When you are content rather than come from a place of dread, fear, or other low vibrational feelings, you are more likely to do the task instead of avoid it.

   3. Asking for help

  • We all need assistance and guidance sometimes, and that is okay. That is why we are one body and need human connections.
  • Asking for help is your birth right and there is nothing to be ashamed of. It’s the fastest way to grow and get to where you want to be.
  • Step out of fear, choose to open wide, and know that you have nothing to lose by asking. Remember, “some will help, some won’t help, so what”. Keep asking.
  • When we get the help we need, we can often accomplish what it is that we need to get done, therefore avoid procrastinating. We also make ourselves more accountable for completing things when someone else is there with us.
  • This may also include delegating tasks that aren’t efficient for you, so you stop wasting time.
  • Also, don’t forget to ask the universe. It is always there to serve and support you, since the universe is love and you are a divine extension of it. It will show up when you detach from the outcome and take action.

  4. Doing one thing at a time.

  • One thing. Of course, multi-tasking can be great, such as listening to an uplifting podcast as you go for a walk, but when it comes to getting things done, doing one thing at a time generates most focus. When you are focused, this helps to eliminate procrastination.

  5. Feeling the fear and taking action anyway.

  • Procrastination also often occurs when we are unconscious, allow our ego to take centre stage, and listen to its fears of the unknown.
  • The thing is, life is a journey of the unknown. Nothing is guaranteed except for this present moment.
  • Ask yourself: “What am I afraid of?”, “What is going to be the consequence of not taking action now?”
  • An acronym I like to use for ‘fear’ is: fantasised experiences appearing real.

  6. Letting go of comparison.

  • As you may know, this is a topic I am super passionate about. This applies in all areas of your life, because comparison is truly the “thief of joy”.
  • Just because you may see someone already achieving many things you wish to achieve, it doesn’t mean that you need to take a step back.
  • Just because someone appears successful, doesn’t mean there is no room for you.
  • We are in this together. There is enough space for everyone to blossom and bloom. Do flowers think about competing with each other? Nope, they just take up as much space as they can, allowing their beauty to shine radiantly into the world. That’s what we are here to do too.
  • Also, we all have our own definition of success. As long as you feel fulfilled, you don’t need to achieve what someone else has achieved. Stay in your own lane, live your own life, focus on your own happiness, and take action to do what serves your mission here on earth. We are unique in this way for a reason.

   7. Remembering your ‘Why’

  • Get into habit of asking yourself when you do something, “Why am I doing this?”, “What is the ultimate reason why I need to get this task done?” “Why do I do what I do?”
  • For example, if you keep on putting off decluttering your room, remind yourself of why you need to do this in the first place. Is it because it will free you from negative energy? To allow for new positive energy to enter your space? To reduce your stress so you can be at inner peace? To be the best version of yourself and manifest your dream life?
  • Generally, when you choose to do something you know is beneficial for you, the reason almost always comes down to love, family, freedom, success, happiness, and fulfilment.
  • Reminding yourself of your ‘why’ will stimulate inner motivation again, because it comes from your heart, from a place of authenticity and genuine energy of love.
  • Write down your ‘why’ statement, and place it somewhere you can see and remind yourself of it every day.

   8. Create a routine

  • When your lifestyle has a routine, such as waking up, eating your meals, working, exercising, at generally the same time each day, these things become a habit and fold naturally into your day.
  • You then don’t have to use as much energy to think about what to do next, therefore can eliminate procrastination, because you have a sense of focus and direction, where you know what the next step is to take.

  9. Do what works for you.

  • Ultimately, this is purely a guide for you, and you don’t have to do everything that I mentioned. There is nothing that you ever have to do. There is no one to please but yourself. I simply hope that by sharing these habits that work for me, it can inspire you to give it a try, but if you don’t resonate with it, of course that’s fine!
  • Experiment, approach everything with an open heart and an open mind, and use your experience to reflect upon if a particular habit works for you. We are all so unique, there is no ‘one way of life’ that fits everyone, as long as you know within you that you are doing your best, that is what matters and counts 🙂

So, I truly hope that you found this post insightful!
It would mean the world if you let me know your thoughts.
I am sending my love, and now, go take action! Stop waiting, get going, your time is so incredibly precious. You are worthy of manifesting all of your desires into a reality- in fact, they are waiting for you to take action, so they can enter into your life!




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