All About the Law of Attraction

Hi beautiful souls!

If you have been watching my Youtube videos and keeping up with my Instagram account over time, you may know that I am truly passionate about bringing light to modern spirituality, and mention a lot about the law of attraction and manifesting, relating it to all areas of our lives.

I first became consciously aware of this universal law during my spiritual awakening last year, and upon learning more and more about it every day since then, I realised that this is a concept I have been actively practising throughout my entire life to create a reality that I desire and love. Of course, in no way am I saying that I have a “perfect” life (that doesn’t exist), and I sure do go through challenges, but in my own perspective I have always been able to achieve my goals and easily bring what I once imagined into the physical realm. Whether it’s learning a language, becoming a high achiever at school, writing an eBook, receiving a piece of chocolate, or creating my dream life through using my gifts to do what I love, manifesting my desires has generally always come easily for me, and now what I also know is that this is a big reason why my soul incarnated into this body in this lifetime- to teach about and bring awareness to spirituality in the modern age.

Again, this doesn’t mean I don’t go through challenging times, or that manifesting comes instantly; this is about my general experience of cultivating a life of love, joy, health, abundance and success. This also doesn’t mean that I am any “better” or “more spiritual” than anyone else. I’m not a guru, but simply an old soul here to share the gifts I have been given, just as you are too, and each of us is special in our own way. We are all one, all equal, all human, and we each have something unique to offer to the world that others need, just as we need others too, and for me what I truly believe I am here to give is my wisdom to help you manifest your dream life and desires, and passions for self-love and positivity to amplify your life for the highest good.

So something incredible happened in the past week as I am typing this blog post, and it’s something I didn’t ever see coming so soon. But this experience taught me that when you surrender and allow the universe to work through you, you can really do amazing things. Last Monday, I suddenly received a download to share all of my knowledge on the law of attraction, and somehow within two days, I channeled through an entire short book that concisely explains this universal law in detail, and is in the final publishing stages now. In one week, I allowed myself to do something I’ve always wanted to do, which is to write and publish a printed book, and more importantly share all about a topic that I have learned and continue to learn so much about. I still wonder how this all even happened, but what I do know is that it came through me in alignment with my soul mission. “Manifest Like Bliss” is coming soon, and I truly cannot wait for you to receive it in your hands! It explains what the law of attraction is all about, gives understanding to how it works in our lives, brings insight on the other cosmic laws of the universe and how being conscious of these laws can enhance your life in every way, and goes into clear detail about the steps you need to take so you can call in your desires with ease and grace. Including empowering self-love affirmations and ways to raise your vibration, the book is here to guide you to be the conscious creator of your reality, to step into your power, tap into your highest self, and manifest a life of love, joy, success and abundance with flow.

*Update: My book “Manifest Like Bliss” is here now! See this link to read more and get a copy 😀 *

This blog post is dedicated to the videos I have shared talking in depth about the law of attraction, and I truly hope that they can be a guiding foundation for your own journey with being the conscious and awakened creator of your life. You are worthy, you are capable, and you can absolutely love your life beautiful friends. If there’s only one impact I can leave on earth, I would love for it to be for every single person to believe in themselves and all that they are. And just continuously giving you the resources to be of guidance is the among the best gifts I can ever receive. Yep, receive. 🙂

Check out this playlist below, and if you have any other questions, you are welcome to leave them as a comment under the video!

Sending you lots of love♡

2 Replies on All About the Law of Attraction

  • Hello Jasmine! I just wanted to tell you that I am very blessed to have found you. I have been listening to your podcast and I am reading Manifest Like Bliss. I have searching for a way to continue to evolve my being into a higher frequency.
    You are a beautiful and very evolved soul and I give thanks to you for your bravery and to the Universe for guiding me to find you!
    Thank you for all the love…

  • I am from India, it so good to see how your words beliefs and life wisdom resonate with me too. I have suggestion for your book “manifest like bliss” , can you make it possible to buy it from! lots of love Jasmine !

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