How To Deal With Low Days

Hi beautiful souls,

In this video, I am sharing with you some ways in which I deal with low and flat days.

Being human, it is totally normal to experience both ups and downs. So even through the wonderful days, sometimes this means waking up and feeling unmotivated, or not wanting to even get out of bed.

It’s during these days that it is most important to be kind to ourselves. To be compassionate, let go o self-judgement, and treat ourselves with respect and love. 

It’s important to acknowledge that without darkness, there wouldn’t be light. We are always exactly where we need to be, and on the right path.

I hope this video gives you some helpful tips to start implementing into your life, so if you experience a low-day, you can better deal with it through practising self-love and care.

Sending love and many blessings,





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