Dear Body… A Letter To You

Dear body, I’m sorry.


I’m sorry for all of the times I mistreated you.

I’m sorry for abusing you, disrepcting you, and taking you for granted.

For treating you like an object, as if it’s a display to please others.

I’m sorry for the times I didn’t listen to you, and ignored your needs.

For thinking that no matter what, you weren’t enough, not beautiful enough, not good enough.

I’m sorry for harming you, not trusting in you, and not accepting who you are in the present moment.

I’m sorry for judging you so harshly.

In the past, I wasn’t always being conscious.

I didn’t understand how important you are, how much I need you to be with me.

But with time, I’ve grown, learned, and realised.

And now, I’m ready to heal the relationship with you.


Dear body, you’re my best friend.


From the day I was born, you’ve been there with me, for me.

You’ve given my soul this experience called life.

You’ve taken me to places around the world, allowed me to love people, given me the gift of movement to create art, and the gift of my senses to appreciate the beauty of earth.

Dear body, you’re a temple, my forever home, the place where I am always safe.

You’ve been created so uniquely, like any other creation that has existed in the universe.

How amazing, that there is only one of you.

Dear body, you are so gifted. I adore your talents and natural abilities.

You are truly enough just as you are, always worthy, here to shine brightly and take up as much space as you want.

Dear body, I love you.

I love your shape, I love your uneven eyes, I love your little freckles, I love your thin hair, I love your misaligned jaw.

I love your curves, your body fat, your muscles, your cellulite, your scars.

I love how you create those cute stomach rolls when you sit down.

Everything about you is whole and complete.

Dear body, now I know that your worth does not come from your appearance or what others say about you. And you deserve to be treated with respect.

I am learning to accept you more day by day, and embrace you confidently.

You are a masterpiece, and I am so grateful and honoured to call you mine.

Dear body, I need you. I want to listen to you, to trust in you, to be there for you.

I want to keep on creating unforgtettable memories with you.

Dear body, I love you, and I choose to love you for the rest of my life.





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