Episode 40: Resistance, Controlling your Feelings & How to Not Be Taken Advantage of

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I recently asked you to submit your questions via voice message for Episode 40 of The Jasmine Lipska Podcast. I love recording these types of podcasts where I answer listener questions, and I definitely plan on bringing out more in the future. Feel free to submit your questions here for me to answer in my upcoming podcasts. In this episode, we discuss how to let go of resistance, how to be in control of your feelings, and how to set boundaries and not be taken advantage of. 

(4:07) Q: How do you know whether resistance is a sign to stop what you’re doing because it’s not for you or is a sign to keep pursuing your goal? I recently enrolled myself into an educational programme but find myself dreading doing the work. Is the Universe telling me to go down a different path? 


(5:15) The Universe supports you. 

If you have a dream, the Universe is already supporting you; cultivating this mindset allows you to release resistance. One of my favourite quotes comes from The Alchemist and says “When you have a dream, the Universe conspires in your favour” (this is one of my all-time favourite books and I highly recommend you read it or check out the lessons I learned from reading it). This quote serves as a reminder that your desires are sacred, as the Universe sends you your dreams because you’re already capable of achieving them. You only receive ideas from the Universe if you have the resources to turn your ideas into reality. 

(6:25) What you focus on grows

If you believe that when you have a dream the Universe conspires in your favour, this will be your focus. What you focus on grows, so your brain will try to prove to you that it’s true. The opposite is also true. If you believe that the Universe is always against you, this is what your brain will focus on and your brain will also provide proof that it’s true. 

(7:05) Challenges are opportunities

The Universe never gives you a challenge that you cannot overcome. Some challenges detour you onto better paths, whilst others teach you lessons. The Universe doesn’t send you challenges to stop you from achieving your dreams. Any resistance is caused by your own thoughts and perceptions that life is against you. It’s perfectly normal for things to get hard when you go for your dreams; life is a rollercoaster full of ups and downs! 

(8:41) Ask yourself: what can I do differently? 

If things get hard, it may also be a sign to change things up action-wise. If you have been trying to achieve something for an extended period of time, consider how you can tackle your goals differently. 

(9:05) Only quit if your intuition tells you to 

The only sign that a dream isn’t for you anymore is the voice coming from your intuition. If you no longer align with your goals, it’s okay to quit. But never quit just because things are too hard, only quit if you intuitively feel that it’s no longer the path you want to take. I have a separate podcast on connecting to your intuition, but essentially, you can tap into your intuitive powers through practices such as meditation and breathwork. 

(10:29) Q: What do you do when family members try to make you feel bad about yourself and bring you down? I constantly have to deal with problems at home and want to move out, but I’m only 19 years old. How can I stay positive?


(11:50) You will get through this

I have a lot of compassion for you, and what you are going through. In a few years, you will have more independence to move out, if you can financially support yourself. Trust that this too shall pass as everything is temporary. 

(12:32) Only you decide how to feel 

No one can make you feel anything, not even your family. You are in control of your own feelings, only you can dictate how you feel. The more you say someone made you feel something, the more you are giving your power away. Give the power back to yourself, you are in control. 

(13:29) Feel the emotion and release it 

Things people say may hurt you and you may feel sad. Importantly, don’t suppress your feelings, feel the emotion through. Cry, write out your feelings – do whatever you need to do to realise it, then let it go. 

(14:12) Hurt people hurt people

People hurt others when they themselves are hurt. By having compassion towards others, we can step out of the victim mentality. If you show that you’re unaffected by others’ words and actions, they are less likely to bother you again as they just want a reaction out of you. Realise that your family has their own inner work to do. 

(15:17) You are loved

Know that no matter what, you are loved and you are enough. You are in control of your own feelings, so you can set your own energetic boundaries. Be conscious of your reactions to others and remember that no one can make you feel anything. You decide for yourself how to feel.

(15:52) Q: Should I create distance between myself and people who use me for my energy? If yes, how do I do that? 


(16:05) Empaths are vulnerable 

I can personally really relate to this question, and I’m sure many of you reading this right now can relate too. As an empath myself, I seem to attract other empaths into my community! Us empaths are particularly sensitive people and tend to be taken advantage of. 

(16:38) Protect your energy 

Distance yourself from people who use you for your energy. Self-love involves ensuring your own cup is full. If your own cup isn’t full because you allow others to take advantage of you, you can’t pour a lot into others. This means you can’t help others as best as you can, and you can’t show up as the best version of yourself. 

(17:21) Set boundaries 

People will try to take advantage of you if they know you don’t have boundaries. To protect your energy, you must set boundaries which will act as notice to the world that you know your worth. When you show the world that you have set boundaries, energy-draining people will sense the change in energy immediately and will leave you alone.

(19:45) Examples of how to set boundaries 

If a person often calls you to vent but never gives you a chance to speak, this relationship involves taking from you without you receiving anything in return. This person knows you’re a pushover. You could set a boundary by cancelling their incoming phone call next time they call and texting them to say that you’re not available right now. You don’t need to explain yourself either. 

(21:57) Learn to say no 

Say no to things that drain you of your energy. By walking away from those who take advantage of you, you show the Universe that you’re worthy of so much more. Recognise when you’re being a pushover, but don’t feel ashamed about it. Embrace the opportunity to change your actions and beliefs, and to stand in your worth. It’s okay to say no to parties you don’t feel like going to, or to say no to sensitive topics you don’t want to discuss, or to say no to responding to emails straight away. You don’t need to please everyone to be loved, you are innately loved for simply being you. 

(25:17) Impacts of childhood on setting boundaries 

Some people grow up not knowing what a boundary is. If you had a parent who always put everyone else before themselves, you may have learned to model that, and now lack boundaries. 

(25:41) Importance of inner-child healing 

It’s important to consider how your childhood has affected your ability to set boundaries now. I can help you unravel this further through booking a guidance session with me or through inner-child healing packages I am currently setting up. You should be aware of how patterns from your life arose from childhood, and how you can change these patterns to heal yourself. It’s never too early or too late to start setting boundaries and healing from your triggers. There’s no better time to start than now.

(27:57) Concluding Thoughts 

If you enjoyed reading this, I would really appreciate it if you comment down below what you took away from this episode.

I will continue with more listener questions in my next podcast so stay tuned for that! In the meantime, if you want to book a Guidance Session or an Oracle Card Reading with me, just click here.

Take care beautiful friends, I appreciate you all. Know that you are so beautiful, and so worthy. Have a beautiful day, and I’ll see you in the next episode xx

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  • Very insightful and reassuring read ✨ Absolutely agree with the points made in saying no and setting boundaries where people don’t cross them without your permission. A lot of self learning and reflecting for this year in 2020 💫💕

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