Ep 49: 5 Tips To Boost Your Wellbeing & Self-Esteem Today

Hi beautiful souls! Welcome to episode 49 of the Jasmine Lipska podcast.

In today’s episode, I am sharing 5 tips to increase your wellbeing and self-esteem today. Your wellbeing plays an important part in your quality of life, and the healthier your self-esteem, the better you attract into your life.

Here is what you will learn:

  • What your wellbeing is.
  • The importance of healthy self-esteem.
  • The power of your breath.
  • My breath work experience.
  • The importance of boundaries.
  • Why you will inevitably let others down.
  • How to reframe your thoughts.
  • Overcoming the inner critic.
  • How you are a creative being.
  • Making time for what matters.
  • How to get out of your head.
  • One activity to boost good hormones.
  • How my program is going so far.
  • and so much more!

Listen to episode 49 here:

1. Breathe.

Whenever you feel stress or tension arising in your body, get back in touch with your breath. It sounds simple, because it is. We often forget the power of breath, but it’s the very thing that is keeping us alive, and our breath detoxifies us.

This year I have been getting back into doing Breathwork sessions, and I’m so passionate now about spreading awareness of this because it has been so powerful and impactful for my own wellbeing. Most of the time we aren’t breathing to our full capacity, which is normal, so when you do Breathwork you really allow yourself to deep cleanse from within.

Through circulating oxygen more deeply by breathing to full capacity, you release suppressed emotions, heal trauma, lower blood pressure, release stress, and overall you will feel so much better and lighter. A Japanese study of 20,000 people found that just by taking 6 deep breaths, it can alter your state of mind and bring you back to the present and inner peace.

Give this a try today. Find a quiet space, burn sage to cleanse the space if you want, lay down on something comfortable like your bed, place your hands on your belly, and breathe in and out without pause. Don’t be afraid to let your belly out – this is normal.

2. Don’t be afraid to say no.

No is a complete sentence, and you don’t have to justify your choice to not do something.

This is all about setting boundaries, and growing your back-spine to stand up for yourself. The more you set healthy boundaries, the more others will respect you too, and the less you’ll be taken advantage of. (Listen to ep 40 for more on boundaries.)

You didn’t come here to please and live for everyone else, you came here to live for you. Sometimes saying ‘no’ to someone and choosing your own happiness means you will let that other person down, and that’s okay. It’s safe for you to let others down, and to choose yourself. It doesn’t take away your worth or how loved you are. You’re allowed to say no.

3. Reframe unhelpful thoughts.

When you begin to hear the inner critic, know that you are still in control, and separate that voice from yourself.

You are not that voice, it is just another voice you internalised through childhood and made it about yourself. Instead of saying “I’m not good enough”, reframe it to instead say to yourself “I am doing my best and I am good enough”.

The way you speak to yourself impacts how you feel, your self-esteem and your mood, and you deserve to that yourself with utmost love and respect. Become more aware of your patterns, and begin to shift it into more kindness.

Write down some empowering affirmations today, and repeat them daily.

4. Do something creative.

Your creativity unleashes good feelings about yourself, and gets you into flow and alignment. It makes for a great mindfulness practice, which is amazing for your wellbeing, and cultivates joy too.

Whether it’s painting, singing, dancing, writing a poem, photography, playing sports, cooking, baking, language learning, walking in nature – anything you enjoy doing, is worth prioritising time for, to be the best version of you. Make time for something creative that is fun for you today.

5. Give something.

Sometimes we feel stressed when we are too in our heads, criticising ourselves or worrying about the future. I’ve found that every time I took myself out of my head and into focusing on how I can serve or help someone, I instantly felt better.

Try to practice an act of kindness today, and it will boost your good hormones. Whether it’s smiling at someone, giving a hug, making a donation, writing a gratitude card to someone you love, sponsoring a child, paying for someone’s meal, sending a gift to your parents, or anything else that shows kindness, you will feel purposeful, and this will lift your self-esteem and happiness.

Remember: take care of you! You deserve to, and you are worthy.

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