I am an International Women’s Coach, the Author of ‘Manifest Like Bliss’, and Host of The Jasmine Lipska Podcast, here to guide driven women in mastering self-love and manifestation to live their most magnetic and purposeful life.

It is my devotion to help you step into your feminine power and heal your self-worth, so that you can stop holding back, and become empowered to create the live that you absolutely love.

Through inner child healing, shadow work, and Magnetic Manifestation™️ practices, I support you in identifying patterns that no longer serve you, and discover how to shift them so that you can go from where you are, to where you want to be.

Now having transformed my life after experiencing several eating disorders, low self-esteem, depression, anxiety and body dysmorphia for many years, I am here to guide other women to transform their life through my skills as a Beautiful You Life Coach graduate.

I was born and grew up in beautiful Melbourne, Australia, and raised in a multicultural family. My dad is Polish, my mum is Chinese, and I speak four languages- English, Mandarin, Korean and Indonesian. I always had an interest in communication from a young age, and desired to express myself creatively with no barriers.

After graduating from high school, I initially went to study Primary Education in university, but did not feel fulfilled in any way. I deeply desired freedom, creativity, travel, and to make a greater impact in the world. My health was also at an all-time low, as I struggled with accepting my body, confidence and loving myself. I didn’t know what career path to choose, but I was also beginning to tap into my intuition, and felt a calling to create videos which started my YouTube journey.

Half a year into starting my YouTube channel and making videos to share my journey of growth, I left University to pursue being a full-time Content Creator. I had many fears, but deep down inside it felt so in alignment. By trusting in my intuition and taking inspired action, my entrepreneurial journey began and I started to make a living out of purely being creative and sharing my passions. I also started my eating disorder healing journey, and have shared my entire recovery process with our beautiful online community.

The following year, I experienced a spiritual awakening and discovered the world of self-development, which led to reading lots of books and listening to podcasts. It was at this time that I knew – the only person responsible for my life, is me. I continued to grow my personal brand, heal my mind and body, and learn about what I really came here to do – my dharma.

In 2019, one of my greatest dreams came true when I wrote and published my first book, “Manifest Like Bliss: A simple, straight-forward guide on the law of attraction and how to successfully apply it in your everyday life to manifest anything your heart desires”. I wrote this book based on my own successes in life so far, and years of studying manifestation. Whether you are new to the concept of the law of attraction or want to enhance your understanding even deeper, this book is here to expand your awareness and give you the best tools to create a life that you love intentionally, from the inside out. 

Following the launch of my book, I took a big leap out of my comfort zone, and bought a one-way ticket to solo travel around Asia – indefinitely. A voice loud and clearly was calling me to go on an adventure, and I couldn’t ignore it. I had saved more than enough money, so I packed up one suitcase and one backpack, and began to solo travel to live more of my dreams.

Throughout my solo travels in Asia, I fulfilled so many things I had written on my bucketlist. My confidence developed even more as I visited new countries, and I continued to create videos sharing my journey.

It was during solo travelling that I discovered the opportunity to become a Coach. This idea lit up my soul from deep within, and I instantly knew this was the path I came here to take. Every challenge led me up to this moment, and I decided to listen to my inner guidance and enrol into the certified Beautiful You Coaching Academy Life Coaching course.

In 2020 I graduated as a qualified Coach, and since then my heart-centred business has rapidly expanded. Through my programs, Guidance Sessions and 1:1 Coaching services, this has been the most fulfilling work I have ever followed.

From the day I listened to my intuition to pursue my soul’s calling and change my life for the better, I have now been able to create my dream life. I moved to Bali, met my soulmate (now husband – after doing a lot of inner work around relationships), get to use my creativity and gifts every day to help women around the world, healed my body and relationship with food, and created a thriving annual 6-figure business that gives me so much joy and ultimate freedom. 

My own past challenges are my drive to help women regain their worth and esteem, find their purpose, feel confidently beautiful in their bodies, activate their feminine frequency and unapologetically create their dream life. I am here to help you unlock your potential and love who you are, through the processes I also went through and continue to learn about.

Having now worked with hundreds of women all over the world and seen incredible results, I founded the Magnetic Manifestation™️ method to modernise manifestation and make it a fun, applicable and effective way to create the life of your dreams.

Here are some more fun facts about me: I am a book lover, and also enjoy watercolouring, drawing, arts and craft, playing the ukulele, journalling, swimming in the ocean, walking in nature, playing badminton, dancing to kpop, and doing anything else creative. I did ballet for 5 years growing up, and to this day I still have “ballet feet”!

Just recently, my husband and I adopted a beautiful Bali dog we named Angel. Follow me on Instagram to see her own healing journey after being abandoned.

My podcast shares more guidance for you to embody your worth and attract your desires into your life. You can listen to my podcast here.


You are divine. You are sacred. You are worthy.

Professional Bio

Jasmine Lipska is an International Women’s Coach, the Author of ‘Manifest Like Bliss’, and top-rated Host of the Jasmine Lipska Podcast, on a mission to help women to reignite their confidence, regain their self-worth, step into their power and discover their purpose to create a life of fulfilment and abundance. With an online audience of over 380,000 people across her social platforms, Jasmine is devoted in empowering women to overcome their inner critic and create their dream life unapologetically. Having worked with hundreds of women across the world to transform their lives, Jasmine specialises in inner child healing, shadow work, self-love and manifestation.