I am a heart-centred Life Coach, Youtube Content Creator, the Author of ‘Manifest Like Bliss’, and Host of The Jasmine Lipska Podcast, here to guide women to embody their worth and show up as their most confident selves in the world,  to attract their desires abundantly into their life

I love to share my life experiences and journey of growth through my YouTube Channel, with a growing audience of over 340,000 subscribers. This platform is also where I express myself creatively,  to add a sparkle of joy and positivity into your day.

As a Life Coach, I help women embody their sense of worth, shift their identity, and activate their inner feminine frequency to become a powerful creator of their reality. Now having transformed my life after experiencing several eating disorders, low self-esteem, depression and body dysmorphia for many years, I am here to guide other women to heal through combining my skills as a Beautiful You Life Coach graduate and inner child healing practices.  

Begin transforming your life today

Helping women embody their worth and tap into their feminine energy is my passion. Throughout my teenage years and the beginning of my twenties, I was out of harmony with my body which caused low self-esteem, body dysmorphia, and eating disorders from anorexia to binge eating. When I decided that I needed to change for good and take charge of my life, I came across the art of balancing your yin and yang – the divine masculine and feminine energy within all of us.

I discovered that I was very much in my masculine energy, as I was out of harmony. My tendency was to control, and this meant that I was not open to receiving or surrendering. Since embodying practices to tap into my divine feminine energy, my life has truly transformed for the better.

As a woman, you become a magnet for your desires when you can balance both your feminine frequency and masculine energy. When I truly stepped into my feminine, I overcame my eating disorders, healed my body image, called in more love, received more abundance, stepped into my purpose and alignment, and created soulful business using my creativity and gifts. I had to learn to surrender, release, and heal my self-worth.

From once feeling unworthy of receiving, to now calling in more abundance I could have ever imagined, this is possible for you to.

I am here to guide you in stepping into your divine feminine, to let go of people pleasing, dial down the inner critic, to embody your worth, and show up confidently and authentically in the world, so you can create your dream abundant life with flow.

Radiate love, choose kindness

I believe that love is the answer to everything and we are the human expression of this powerful energy. As I repeat this mantra, I am guided towards my Highest Self.

I was born and grew up in beautiful Melbourne, Australia, being raised in a multilingual family, and initially went to study education in university before following my heart to become a Content Creator and Life Coach.

My dad is Polish and my mum is Chinese, and I speak four languages- English, Mandarin, Korean and Indonesian. My love for learning different languages is what began my Youtube journey and drove me to write my first best-selling eBook, “How To Learn Any Language”, as I became passionate about spreading cultural awareness, and teaching to help others. 

My channel now focuses on self-growth, travel and lifestyle videos, all incorporating the message of conscious living and wellbeing. I share guidance on self-love, mindset, and intentionally creating your reality to manifest your dreams. My passions inspired me to create ‘The Blissful Soul Self-Love Workbook‘ and my ‘Guided Meditations- A Journey to Connecting with your Highest Self’  which are here to serve you to be the best version of yourself.

In 2019, one of my greatest dreams came true when I wrote and published my first book, “Manifest Like Bliss: A simple, straight-forward guide on the law of attraction and how to successfully apply it in your everyday life to manifest anything your heart desires”. I wrote this book based on my own successes in life so far, and years of studying manifestation. Whether you are new to the concept of the law of attraction or want to enhance your understanding even deeper, this book is here to expand your awareness and give you the best tools to create a life that you love intentionally, from the inside out. 

I am also a book lover, having now read over 50 books on self-growth, and continue to seek learning. I also enjoy watercolouring, drawing, playing the ukulele, journalling, swimming in the ocean, walking in nature, playing badminton and anything else creative. 

In 2020, I followed my heart and graduated from the Beautiful You Coaching Academy as a Women’s Life Coach. I now use a heart-centred approach to guide women across the world to awaken from within, shift past beliefs that hold you back, and create your fulfilling life through 1:1 Guidance Sessions, 1:1 Coaching programs and Group Programs created with love. Having now created my own abundant dream life and worked with over 60 beautiful women, I am confident that I can take you to the next level too.

My podcast shares more guidance for you to embody your worth and attract your desires into your life. You can listen to my podcast here.

Currently, I am based in the beautiful island of Bali and have been living here for 9 months.

You are divine. You are sacred. You are worthy.

Are you ready to receive the love, happiness and abundance you desire through stepping into your divine feminine?