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    A Lifestyle Youtuber, Travel Vlogger, Author, Content Creator, Podcaster, founder of ‘The Blissful Soul‘, and Wellness advocate, inspiring positive change into people’s lives around the world. Through sharing my passions for self-love and growth, travel, capturing beauty, wellness, and conscious living, I am here to guide you to connect to your Highest Self, live a meaningful life bursting with love, and intentionally manifest your dreams into a reality.


    My motto in life is “radiate love, choose kindness”.

    I am all about choosing love at every moment of our sacred time on Earth, and believe that love is the answer to everything. Love is our truth and we are the human expression of this powerful energy.

    Through my own life experiences, helping to empower other souls to love themselves and realise their worth has become my wholehearted passion. It is what lights me up from my core, and makes me feel alive and fulfilled.

    My own story of self-love was not always on a high note. For most of my teenage years, I became disconnected from my inner spirit, and struggled with low self-esteem, self-worth, and confidence. This also lead to developing an eating disorder at age 16, exercise addiction, and body dysmorphia during my most challenging times. Having now recovered and cultivating a completely new mindset towards life, I have come to realise more than ever the importance of practicing self-love. My healing journey has given me incredible knowledge, allowed me to experience a spiritual awakening, and discover a new way of being to thrive, giving way to my passion for spreading self-love.

    Using the gifts given to me and tapping into my calling, I now empower others to practice self-compassion, develop confidence, cultivate a positive and growth mindset, and lead them on the path to fulfilling their potential.


    Through my whole life, I have grown up in a family that encourages a healthy lifestyle. After experiencing the relationship challenges I had with food, exercise and body image, I have now also become a passionate wellness advocate. It is a huge part of me and my purpose, and everything that I do is about being a guide to help others live their best life- through nourishing the mind, body and soul, to raise your vibration and feel alive.

    To spread my love for creating nourishing plant-based recipes, I created the ‘Wholesome Christmas Recipes‘ eBook to share my favourite simple recipes with you, which you can make all-year-round from basic ingredients coming straight from the Earth.


    Here is a bit more about me and my story:

    I was born and grew up in beautiful Melbourne, Australia, being raised in a multilingual family, and initially went to study education in university before becoming a travel and lifestyle YouTuber and content creator.

    My dad is Polish and my mum Chinese, and I speak four languages- English, Mandarin, Korean and Indonesian. I have also had the opportunity to learn many other languages along my life journey, as I grew up in a multicultural community surrounded by people from all over this diverse world. My love for learning different languages is what began my Youtube journey and drove me to write my first best-selling eBook, “How To Learn Any Language”, as I became passionate about spreading language learning, cultural awareness, and sharing my techniques to motivate others. To me, language learning is about having fun, and also promoting world peace as we are able to understand, appreciate, and communicate with each other through words.

    My channel now focuses on a mix of lifestyle and travel videos, all incorporating the message of wellbeing, positivity, and conscious living. I share guidance and inspiration on self-love, mindset shifts, living confidently, and intentionally creating your reality to manifest the life of your dreams. My passions inspired me to create ‘The Blissful Soul Self-Love Workbook‘ and my ‘Guided Meditations- A Journey to Connecting with your Highest Self‘, which are here to serve you to raise your consciousness and up-level your life, helping you to be the best version of yourself.

    Throughout my childhood, I travelled to many different places with my family which I am deeply grateful for, from cities to beaches to forests and oceans. After graduating from high school, I truly discovered that travelling is huge part of my soul essence after my dream trip to Seoul, South Korea, and have since visited 7 other countries and counting. Being an avid Earth explorer, I travel all year round, capturing beauty through my love for filming and photography, and sharing vlogs of my adventures to inspire you to explore what the world has to offer, guide you on your travels, to do what brings you joy, and live a life full of enriching experiences and lasting memories. To focus on what truly matters in life. You can find all of my detailed blog posts and travel tips of my trips here.

    Currently, I am on a solo travel journey around the world. See this video here and come follow along on my journey♡

    Other things that I am passionate about include raising environmental awareness, looking after our Earth, and living life through the lenses of gratitude. I enjoy creating healthy plant-based recipes, painting, photography and editing, meditating with crystals, doing yoga, healing practices, diffusing essential oils, walking along the beach, journalling, reading (fun fact: in 2018 I read over 30 books), writing from my heart, and arts and crafts. I find the moon cycles super interesting, and am a total quote-lover! I also enjoy listening to enlightening podcasts, which also led me to launching my own, The Blissful Soul Podcast, where I bring you more insights, Q&As, and guidance to empower you positively. A way that I like to describe myself is that I am constantly channeling my inner creative soul to share what I have to offer.

     Prioritising self-care is also another passion of mine (yep, I have a lot), and I am all for being kind and giving to yourself first, so that your cup is full and can then give wholeheartedly to others. This is the message behind my ETSY shop, also called ‘The Blissful Soul‘, where you can find my Affirmation Cards, Moon Phases Calendar, and my mum’s natural skincare. Being able to support my mum’s dream of serving others through her love for skincare brings me so much joy, as she truly puts her heart in every single bottle, created with ingredients from Mother Earth.

    In 2018, I also created the 2019 Journal of Love for you. Design has always been a big part of my life, and to combine this with my love for organisation to create a physical journal available to the world, has been incredibly fulfilling.

    This year, one of my greatest dreams came true when I wrote and published my first book, “Manifest Like Bliss: A simple, straight-forward guide on the law of attraction and how to successfully apply it in your everyday life to manifest anything your heart desires”. I wrote this book based on my own successes in life so far, and years of studying manifestation. Whether you are new to the concept of the law of attraction or want to enhance your understanding even deeper, this book is here to expand your awareness to create a life that you love intentionally, from the inside out.

    As I grow on this amazingly wonderful journey called life,  constantly learning, travelling, and gaining new knowledge, I am here to share my insight, provide guidance, and make a difference to enhance your wellbeing- an inner calling that I have always known. The main intention behind everything I do is to bring you positivity, to remind you to love yourself, and be grateful for everything in life. When you have a positive mindset, you receive positive outcomes, and that cultivates joy and fun. Life is a gift, embrace every moment, give what you have to others. We are here to love and manifest our dreams into a reality, to live big and leave our own unique blueprint for the highest good of all.

     Thank you with all of my heart for being here.


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