Authentically Aligned

Hey beautiful, are you ready to...

Gain clarity on WHO you are so that you can make decisions & take action on the things you actually want to do?

Uncover your natural gifts, purpose + authenticity so that you you can use it in your marketing & build a brand that is authentically you?

Become an energetic magnet for more abundance, love & success?

Create a coaching business that is impacting thousands of people every single day serving content that is 100% YOU?

Find alignment with your next business move & passion for what it is you are doing?

Yes, this is me!

Client transformations

"This course has officially opened up my journey to live an authentically aligned life that I desire.

What I love the most here is I got to enjoy the wonder of exploring my inner self by my own, with really effective daily guidance from a deeply compassionate coach who made me feel safe and open deep diving into my inner world throughout the 21 days.

I have had so much clarity about myself and one of my biggest breakthroughs from this is having embraced the parts that I have been rejecting about myself without shame and judgement (didn’t know that I can do this before).

Challenges may still come up and knowing I can always come back to modules for realignment if I ever needed is just so grateful. This is one of the life-changing courses I could ever ask for. Thank you for this amazing journey, Jasmine."


"I loved this course! I loved waking up every day knowing I would be learning something about myself.

Jasmine provided so much input and guidance on how to shed my mask and step into my authenticity and be comfortable and secure within myself. It's amazing how I was able to gain so much more clarity just by asking myself the right questions."


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Authentically Aligned


What my clients had to say:


“Every session with Jasmine left me feeling lighter, freer, and more authentically myself. She helped me find my voice, get clear on my values, and remember my purpose. Learning to examine and let go of expectations, embrace change and the unknown, and integrate my shadows has changed my life completely."


"In the 3 months that I worked with Jasmine I was amazed to see how much progress I made within my business as I was able to tune into my intuition and focus on courses which felt aligned to me. I was able to have the confidence to post what I felt aligned with and also attract more of my ideal clients."

“After working with Jasmine, I feel like I am becoming who I have always truly been inside. I am forever grateful to Jasmine for being the sweetest, most compassionate, empathetic, beautiful healing force that she is.”

I am highly sensitive and empathetic

The beach is my soul’s happy place

I love arts and crafts, and a good board game!

My witch archetype is the fairy witch

I’m a sun in cancer, moon in taurus and rising virgo

21 transformative and practical modules in a private online portal.

2 recorded Q&A calls with more depth into the inner work.

What You Get

YES, 21 days is all you need!

21 transformative daily practices presented via video modules.

All you need is 10-20 minutes each day.

Receive powerful embodiment practices including meditations, journalling prompts and practical exercises.

Lifetime access including any additional modules and materials.

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Is this the right course for you? 

You want to create the next level of abundance, success and fulfilment in your career / business.

You are also a highly-sensitive soul, doing the inner work, and you want to deepen your practice to heal trauma and break cycles no longer serving you.

You are attracted and drawn to people who are confident, authentic and unapologetic - wishing it could be you too (it only means this part of you is yet to be activated!

You desire to be a magnetic leader, drawing aligned people into your community who are ready to buy, and creating content that is 100% you!

If you ticked any one of these, this course is MADE for you.

More of what my clients had to say:


"Learning to trust myself again was the internal shift I needed to happen to manifest my material goals. Now I feel so connected with my internal self. I’m able to identify my own needs, and ever since I’ve been making these changes I’m noticing more of my manifestations coming to light."

"Throughout our coaching sessions, Jasmine was very kind. She provided me with a safe space where I could express myself and explore my thoughts and feelings. She helped me to process my emotions when I couldn’t understand them, and unpacked all the mental blocks that were in the way of my healing and growth. Jasmine taught me to let go of limiting beliefs that do not serve my higher self, and inspired me to rewrite my story. "


"Having Jasmine as my coach has changed my life in all areas. I can’t recommend her service enough.

If you are feeling lost and need guidance, I definitely suggest you book 1:1 coaching with Jasmine. She will help you transform your life and see things with a positive perspective."


I am highly sensitive and empathetic

The beach is my soul’s happy place

I love arts and crafts, and a good board game!

My witch archetype is the fairy witch

I’m a sun in cancer, moon in taurus and rising virgo


Are you ready to manifest your dream life, love and business?

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Xo, Jasmine