‘Manifest Like Bliss’ written by Jasmine Lipska is a simple, straight-forward guide on the law of attraction and how to successfully apply it in your everyday life to manifest anything that your heart desires. Whether you are new to the concept of the law of attraction or want to enhance your understanding even deeper, this book is here to expand your awareness to create a life that you love intentionally, from the inside out.

The essence of ‘Manifest Like Bliss’ is all about bringing spirituality into the modern light and shifting who you are, to align with who you intend to be. This book describes what manifesting means, explains what the law of attraction is all about, gives understanding to how it works in our lives, brings insight on the other cosmic laws of the universe and how being conscious of these laws can enhance your life in every way, and goes into clear detail about the steps you need to take so you can call in your desires with ease and grace. Including empowering self-love affirmations and ways to raise your vibration, this book is here to guide you to be the conscious creator of your reality, step into your power, tap into your highest self, and manifest a life of love, joy, success and abundance with flow.



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