Tuning In: A Class For DEEPER Self-Awareness

Tuning In is a class designed to guide you to develop deeper self-awareness and transform your life from within. 

Our lives are created through our thoughts and beliefs, which lead to habits; so in order to change our external world, we need to first address our internal world. This is where having high levels of self-awareness helps you to live a more conscious and intentional life, and this class gives you the guidance you need to discover where you may not be self-aware yet.

In this class you will learn:

  • Why tuning in and self-awareness is so important
  • How you can cultivate deeper self-awareness
  • The #1 Key to living a conscious life 
  • Things you need to pay attention to in your life
  • The importance of reflecting on your childhood
  • Why journalling is so transformative 
  • How to stop self-sabotaging 
  • How dream time relates to awareness
  • And so much more

‘Your Relationship With Money’ Masterclass

This is a powerful, concise, comprehensive, chanelled and empowering one-hour video recorded masterclass, guiding you on your journey to tapping into abundance, up levelling your inner wealth consciousness and how to unapologetically living a life that you love with wealth.

In this masterclass, you will learn:

  • What exactly is money?
  • Understanding your Money Story.
    • Your money beliefs.
    • Where these beliefs came from.
  • The Truth about Money
  • The Importance of Money and your Awareness About It.
  • How to Change Your Money Story that Serves Your Highest Good.
  • How to Manifest More Money.
  • How to Up Level your Money Consciousness.

Abundance is your birthright; learn how to cultivate the mindset you need to transform your relationship with money.