reconnect with your divine feminine 

A 4 week journey to reconnect with your divine feminine for love, wealth and liberation.

Femme Activation

Can you relate to any of these?

Hi Beautiful!

 Feeling shame around your breasts, vagina and body.

Fear of speaking your truth and needs, whether it be in your relationships or as a leader online.

Feeling like you’re always wearing a “mask” and “filter” in fear of showing your true self.

Finding it hard to trust in yourself and in other women.

Feeling disconnected to your cycle and having low sexual energy.

Being overly in your masculine energy and constantly on-the-go during your day.

Running dry of creative ideas to take your business and income to the next level.

Having decision fatigue, overthinking, and unable to tune in to your inner wisdom.

Feeling “blocked” around receiving love.

You’re not alone. This is what happens when we are out of touch with our divine feminine. It’s time to activate her magic again.

Why you’re disconnected to your divine feminine:


“After working with Jasmine, I feel like I am becoming who I have always truly been inside. I am forever grateful to Jasmine for being the sweetest, most compassionate, empathetic, beautiful healing force that she is.”

I am highly sensitive and empathetic

The beach is my soul’s happy place

I love arts and crafts, and a good board game!

My witch archetype is the fairy witch

I’m a sun in cancer, moon in taurus and rising virgo


I'm Jasmine

I came to believe that these parts of my body were “dirty”, and it’s no wonder I became disconnected to my femininity all the way through my teens and early twenties. I was also often afraid to speak my needs, and had a fear of saying the “wrong” thing. Being the “good girl” was my identity, and I made sure to never trigger someone or make them feel uncomfortable. I felt unworthy of being loved, became overly competitive with other women, found it hard to trust, and had wounded relationships with females. Essentially, I had a feminine wound within me, and I felt small. But I always knew there was so much more to being a woman than this. A few years ago, after my spiritual awakening, I starting reconnecting with my divine healthy feminine energy again.

I began healing shame around my body, healing eating disorders, understanding my cycles, realising the power of pleasure, opening up my heart, finding my authentic self-expression, listening to my intuition, developing self-trust, connecting with other like-minded women, and activating my voice. Not only did this lead me to feeling liberated, standing in my power, activating deep self-love, and igniting self-trust, but I was also able to regulate my menstrual cycle after 8 years of irregularity. I called in a loving relationship with a wonderful man rooted in his healthy masculine (who I now call my husband), created a thriving business in unconventional ways (that’s right, no ads or hard core strategy), and built a lifestyle around my core values where I get to decide how and where to use my energy.

Today, I lead my life and business through my divine feminine, who is harmonised with my divine masculine. I channel ideas for my business that have generated a multi 6-figure income. I work with my cycle and take days off when I bleed. I prioritise pleasure in my life that creates abundance in return. I attract dream clients through speaking my truth. I am turned on by my projects and offerings. I make money in ways that feel joyful. This is where I am here to lead you to. To a life that isn’t ordinary, but extraordinary. To a life where you get to be the exception and create things your way. To a life that feels fulfilling on the inside. To a life where you are lit up by your purpose every day. To a life where you feel deeply celebrated and honoured as a woman.

I am a Feminine Empowerment & Life Coach, guiding women to love, wealth and liberation through igniting their magnetism. I am deeply devoted to supporting women in becoming their most empowered selves.

Growing up in a religious background, I experienced feeling shame around my body as a woman. Your breasts were meant to be covered, showing cleavage was a sin, and the words “vagina” and “sex” were never spoken about.

Feminine Empowerment

Who This Is For

Find it hard it speak their truth and fear saying the wrong thing or being judged.

Feel shame around their breasts, yoni and body.

Find it hard to trust other women and become overly competitive.

Want to stop people pleasing and ignite her inner flame to set strong energetic boundaries.

 Desire to start a soul-led feminine-based business.

Desire to feel more turned on and fulfilled by life.

Desire to deepen their relationships and feel worthy of attracting love.

Desire to receive the next level of income.

Desire to make more money through being guided by their intuition. 

Desire to be more connected to their heart, phases and natural cycles.

Are Leaders and Coaches who desire to grow their business from a place of ease rather than burnout and stress.

-Anne Lise

“I am so happy I invested in a coach, and Jasmine’s coaching program is really worth the investment. Jasmine knows how to bring positivity, practicality to create dreams, she is very supportive, heart-centered and her coaching is empowering and brings freedom.”

I am highly sensitive and empathetic

The beach is my soul’s happy place

I love arts and crafts, and a good board game!

My witch archetype is the fairy witch

I’m a sun in cancer, moon in taurus and rising virgo

You will receive:

7x Live Module Calls (around 1 hour each)

1x Live Q&A Call

Comprehensive worksheets with each module

A private facebook group for further support

A safe space to be fully held, seen and honoured


What date do we start?

We begin on Tuesday 16th November, and the program will last for 4 weeks.

Frequently Asked Questions

What times will the calls be held?

The calls will be held at 8am Bali time, every Tuesday and Friday.

Will there be a replay available?

Yes, you will access to a special membership page with lifetime access.

What if I don’t feel comfortable sharing my voice or doing a breast massage?

You will never be forced to do something you don’t feel comfortable with. This is a safe space of non-judgement, and deep support. While I do encourage you to challenge yourself in healthy ways, you won’t have to do something you don’t want to.


Are you ready to reclaim your incredible power as a woman and feel deeply liberated?

You’re invited…
Only 30 spaces available.

One time payment of $555

Xo, Jasmine