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    2019 Journal of Love by Jasmine Lipska


    About the Book

    Create your dream life and live with intention in a new year, with ‘The Blissful Soul’ 2019 Journal of Love by Jasmine Lipska. Filled with personally designed pages to guide you to growth and achievement, this journal is created to inspire you to stay organised, dive deeper within yourself, and reach your highest potential. Focused on self-love and development, the Journal of Love includes goal setting, powerful quotes, reflections, moon phases, monthly finances, habit trackers, lists and more, to guide you on the path of manifesting your dreams into a reality.


    What’s inside:

    ● Goal setting (7 pages)
    ● Moon phases calendar
    ● Yearly Overview
    ● Weekly log
    ● Self-Love Lessons
    ● Self-Care lists
    ● Personal Development pages
    ● New and Full Moon Journalling
    ● Monthly Reflections
    ● Yearly Reflections
    ● Powerful Quotes
    and much more..


    6×9 in, 15×23 cm
    272 Pages
    Hard Matte Cover
    Personally fill-in dates of the month
    Created and designed by Jasmine Lipska
    Printed in Melbourne, Australia


    2019 Journal of Love

    By Jasmine Lipska




    The 2018 Reflections Journal by Jasmine Lipska (PDF)

    Screen Shot 2018-11-29 at 2.11.08 pm.png


    ● 10 pages of 2018 reflection prompts

    ● Over 30 self-development questions

    ● Letter To Your Future Self

    The best way to create your desired reality, to learn, to move forward, and become the best version of yourself, is by reflecting on your past experiences.

    2018 has been a year of waking up to our consciousness and deep self-growth for many, and the past is always a tool we can use to bring what we have learned into the present moment.

    By using this 2018 reflections journal created with love, you will get to dive deep into the greatest lessons the universe presented to you in this year, cultivate more clarity into why things happened, understand yourself more, and apply the wisdom you gained into the new year of 2019, so you can continue to manifest love, joy, and the life that you desire.

    I have selected every question with intention, and I truly hope this free journal can serve your highest good. I really appreciate you, and may 2019 bring you all of the wonderful things that you are worthy of. Keep shining your light, being the breathing expression of love, and radiating your essence that the world needs xxx

    how to receive this bonus

    When you order your copy of the 2019 Journal of Love, send your receipt over to jasminelipska@gmail.com, and I will send you the 2018 Reflections Journal PDF. As simple as that!

    In addition, when your order arrives, I would love to see the book in your hands! Tag me in your instagram photos with @jaslipska and #2019journaloflove , and I will be sending my love right back to you♡



    The online, PDF version of the 2019 Journal of Love is available now, which you can download with ease and customise to personally print for yourself.

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