Loved: The 6 Pillars to Self-Love

The only Self-Love program you need.

You’re here because you…

✔︎ Often find yourself comparing to others and being triggered by jealousy and/or envy.

✔︎ Want to heal the relationship with food and your body.

✔︎ Are very critical towards yourself and feel not good enough.

✔︎ Feel like your self-worth is coming from other people’s opinions of you.

✔︎ Experience anxious attachment in your relationships.

✔︎ Struggle with perfectionism that holds you back from moving forward towards your dreams.

✔︎ Find it hard to set boundaries and stand up for yourself.

✔︎ Avoid conflict at all costs and end up betraying your needs.

✔︎ Hide your authentic truth in fear of being unloved, rejected and unaccepted.

✔︎ Dim yourself to make others feel comfortable.

You’re at the right place!

⭐️ Are you ready to reclaim your worth and feel deserving of your dreams?

⭐️ Are you ready to stop self-sabotaging and actually upgrade your life?

⭐️ Are you ready to feel confidently beautiful in your skin?

⭐️ Are you ready to show up as your authentic self with confidence, and no longer hide?

LOVED: The 6 Pillars to Self-Love, is a self-paced 6-week online course created for you, the sensitive driven soul, to heal your worth and embody radical confidence, so that you can create a life of inner freedom and joy – unapologetically.

In 6 weeks, you will be guided through embodying the 6 Pillars of self-love, which will transform the relationship with yourself and how you create your reality, for good.

You see…

Everything begins with self-love.

When you have self-love and a healthy relationship with yourself, you set the tone for ALL other aspects of your life.

How you feel within influences your outer reality.


✔︎ Looking in the mirror and loving who you see

✔︎ Feeling empowered to create the life that you love

✔︎ Standing in your worth and no longer setting for less

✔︎ Having the confidence to set boundaries and no longer people please

✔︎ Being able to identify red flags sooner and walk away from toxic relationships

✔︎ Fully expressing yourself and feeling liberated to be you

✔︎ Claiming your desires with ease and flow

✔︎ Feeling truly good enough and letting go of self-doubt

✔︎ Having a peaceful relationship with food and your body

✔︎ Living a life that feels fulfilling and purposeful

✔︎ Showing up authentically without the fear of judgement or rejection

✔︎ Being a leader who creates a positive impact in the world

All of this IS possible, through having self-love.

✔︎ Over 25 in-depth videos for each Pillar of Self-Love

✔︎ Recorded Q&A calls

✔︎ Embodiment Practices (including emotional alchemy, subconscious reprogramming, hypnosis, womb activation, meditations)

✔︎ Comprehensive worksheets for each LOVED module

✔︎ Private Facebook Group for further support!

I have been following Jasmine’s journey for the last 4 years and am inspired so much by her. I reached out to Jasmine 3 months ago because I felt lost, unconfident and kept having an inner critic with everything I do. I was just sad and didn’t feel a purpose in life.

Jasmine has helped me to set short term & long term goals, and created sustainable motivation. She also introduced me to meditation and journaling which I thought I would never do before. These have helped me alot in terms of my healing journey (child wounds & self love) with not only myself, but also added benefits to my relationship. She patiently listened to me, found out the root of my issues and provided me with specific exercises to practice. 

She also helped me to improve my relationship with money, call in more abundance into my life, and a lot more during our coaching together.

I finally set up my small business on Etsy and got a second job which I enjoy so much. I made new friends and I’m surrounded by people who genuinely care and support me.

I’ve created new habits such as spending time practicing gratitude, self love, meditation and journaling.

As a result, I have also become much more confident, happy and grateful with everything.

Having Jasmine as my coach has changed my life in all areas. I can’t recommend her service enough.

I struggled for years with people pleasing and being the “good girl”; so much so that I didn’t know who I truly was. Last year I felt especially low and was tired of putting my well-being at the bottom of my priorities. During this low period, I found Jasmine’s podcast and booked a 6 week program with Jasmine. It was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I wanted to start living my life!

I felt so safe and welcome during my calls with Jasmine. I could feel she truly cared and I felt safe to open up to her and do the inner work.

In those 6 weeks, I enrolled in school, I got a tattoo (which I had always wanted to do!), set boundaries for myself, and I learned to truly love and be grateful for myself. I rewrote my story from “I am not good enough. All I do is people please.” to “I AM ENOUGH and I have always been enough! I am worthy of a fulfilling and abundant life.”

After working with Jasmine, I feel like I am becoming who I have always truly been inside. I am forever grateful to Jasmine for being the sweetest, most compassionate, empathetic, beautiful healing force that she is.

Hello Goddess!

I’m Jasmine, and I am an International Women’s Coach and Healer, guiding women in mastering manifestation and self-love to live their most magnetic, abundant and purposeful life.

Today I am a fully expressed woman, having created the life and business of my dreams. It wasn’t however, always this way.

7 years ago I was quietly going through eating disorders, had exercise addiction, body dysmorphia, social anxiety, and low self-esteem.

For another 4 years from there, food controlled my life. I was nearly hospitalised due to self-starvation, I hated what I saw in the mirror, and I felt so trapped. 

My worth came from how my body looked, but no matter how much I tried to control my appearance, I never truly felt good enough on the inside.

My worth also came from being chosen by someone else, so I would chase emotionally unavailable men in order to feel loved.

I was constantly pleasing others in fear of being unliked, hid speaking my truth in fear of being judged, and let my inner critic run the show.

4 years in, I was lying in bed one day crying. I didn’t want to feel not good enough anymore. I didn’t want to feel trapped. I wanted to change.

And that was the day I decided – enough was enough. It was time for me to take control back over my life.

During this time I experienced a spiritual awakening, and from there I made a commitment to doing the daily inner work to reclaim my worth, embody self-love, and make peace with myself. So that I could live a life that I absolutely love.

It was a long journey, and at times uncomfortable, but one that was so incredibly transformative.

Today I am filled with self-love, and I’ve created the life I could only ever once have dreamed of.

⭐️ I’ve made peace with my body and recovered from eating disorders.

⭐️ Food no longer controls my life.

⭐️ I feel confident and sexy in my temple.

⭐️ I am confident and can be myself in social situations.

⭐️ I learned to set boundaries and let go of people pleasing.

⭐️ I am fully expressing my authentic self.

⭐️ I learned to speak my truth.

⭐️ I am unapologetic about my self-care routine and creating space to recharge.

⭐️ I have created a thriving 6-figure business.

⭐️ I discovered my soul essence and feel purposeful & fulfilled.

⭐️ I stopped letting my worth come from being chosen by someone and stopped chasing men.

⭐️ I married my soulmate.

None of this would have been possible if it weren’t for having self-love.

Self-love truly is the root of how we create our life.

Through my own journey, I discovered that there were 6 main stages I went through, that guided me back to my whole, worthy, authentic self.

So LOVED: The 6 Pillars to Self-Love, was birthed. From the depths of my heart and soul. To serve women around the world who have been through the same struggles. To support beautiful souls like you who want to make a difference to the world.

You are invited to join the journey.

Enrol today for $425 USD.

You can take the course in your own pace upon enrolment.

Goddess, are you ready to create the life you truly deserve?

Are you ready to step into magnetic confidence and build the life of your dreams?

Read our testimonials from Jasmine’s previous program “The Awakened Woman”. These are transformations that you too can and WILL experience!

(Please note that Jasmine’s courses are non-refundable.)