The Magnetic Coach Intensive

Activate your magnetism as a Coach and create abundance with flow and joy in your purpose-driven business.

You are here because you:

● Feel a calling to become a Coach however don’t know where to get started.

● Are already a Coach and want to attract your soulmate clients without chasing.

● Want to balance your feminine and masculine in business to create flow.

● Want to create an abundant thriving online business AND love what you do.

● Need clarity on your key message and niche as a Coach that converts.

● Are ready to continue expanding your business and make a quantum leap to higher levels of income!

You’ve come to the right place!

The Magnetic Coach Intensive is a special package I have created just for you, the rising Coach, to support you in stepping into your magnetism and create the abundant business of your dreams.

With over 4 years of online brand experience, and having created an annual 6-figure business as a Coach, I am devoted to supporting you in being abundantly rewarded while also feeling fulfilled and passionate about what you do.

You see, I don’t believe there is one strategy that fits all. I believe that when we get to truly understand ourselves – how we’ve been designed and how we function most effectively – then you can create a unique strategy that works for you, so that you can create a business from flow and fun rather than stress and hustle.

I am deeply passionate about energetics and believe that the key ingredient to a successful business isn’t just strategy, but combining it with energy. 

Creating a thriving coaching business wasn’t an accident. It took uncovering my limiting beliefs, healing my inner child, shadow work, shifting past self-sabotage, understanding strategies that work with my design, and embodying an abundance mindset.

When we learn to work with our nature instead of go against it, we get to live our most purposeful and prosperous life. 

Being a Coach is truly rewarding. You deserve to create an abundant business while creating epic change in the world.

It’s your time to shine, sister!

Through my past 4 years of experience creating an online business, today I am:

✔︎ Waking up to everyday with excitement and purpose.

✔︎ Able to work from anywhere in the world and travel with freedom.

✔︎ Having coaching inquiries daily without chasing clients.

✔︎ Booked out as a Coach for sharing my authentic truth.

✔︎ Earning 6-figures annually and creating financial abundance.

✔︎ Working with my absolute dream clients.

✔︎ Having fun and letting life flow.

This is what I have not done and do not do:

✖️Follow cookie-cutter strategies

✖️Force myself to post to social media

✖️Hustle 24/7

✖️Use facebook ads or other strategies that do not align with me

✖️Taking clients just for the money

✖️Doing things out of integrity and alignment

Magnetism isn’t something I just teach, but what I’ve learned to embody.

I was in the beginning of building my own coaching business when I made the decision to take the Magnetic Coach Intensive program with Jasmine. 
She had the ability to understand and guide me through the fog I was into and bring clarity to the niche and structure of my offers. Right after the first session, I walked away beyond motivated to take the next action steps feeling focused and empowered which was exactly what I needed.
Thanks to her amazing insights, I could shed light on my blind spots, identify what I have to work on, and define where I am aiming to. Jasmine provided amazing expertise on how I can embody my magnetism, heal my shadows, as well as following business strategies that feel aligned.
The value I got from working with Jasmine was much beyond my expectations, I even have a hard time putting it into words. What I can say for sure is that working with Jasmine will make you feel empowered, divinely supported and it will definitely transform your life!
Even after this short time with Jasmine, my identity is shifting into the new, upleveled version of myself. My dreams are becoming a reality and it feels amazing to make that happen being guided by a wonderful coach.

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When I first started my coaching program with Jasmine, I was facing some difficulties with my business as I didn’t know where to start. I didn’t have any experience as an entrepreneur and I had some knowledge lacks. When I first started my coaching sessions with Jasmine, Jasmine gave me so much knowledge and tools to keep me going with my work. She only needed to tell me where to start or drop me some hints of ideas, and I did this without hesitation. I felt good while I was coached by Jasmine, her energy was so positive and she always knew to ask the right questions. When I started I already had a vision and an idea for my business, I only didn’t know how to structure my idea. Jasmine helped me be a great career mentor which I am super grateful for. Besides my business struggles, she coached me mentally and spiritually as well (in areas I needed the most support). I always felt free to ask her questions and I didn’t feel pressured or stressed out in our coaching sessions. 
During my coaching sessions with Jasmine, I learned to be more compassionate to myself, learning to deal with the inner critic more efficiently, embracing failure (it’s okay not to be okay), embracing uncertainty. I learned how to set goals more efficiently for myself.
My success was that I already got a lot of viewers on IG, I bought the pro equipment for my podcast and I’ll be recording my first episodes this week, I talked to amazing coaches and was learning from them about their strategies and about their businesses as well. I got to do the things I love at most and I already have people following me on social media (Facebook and Instagram- my Facebook group is now expanding more). Plus I had my very first book club meeting that I myself hosted and some people came, and we discussed my book.
Coaching was a great decision for me because I knew I wanted to share my wisdom with others and I knew I wanted to spread the word by publishing my book and by creating my own brand. I knew that I am going to help people to achieve the lives they deserve to live and I wanted to break all the myths that people were engaged to. Go after your desires and you’ll see where it takes you in your life journey.

In this Intensive you will get to:

● Uncover what limiting beliefs may be creating resistance and holding you back from taking the next leap

● Reprogram your subconscious mind and heal your shadows around success and what’s possible for you

● Gain clarity on your WHY as a Coach and your story

● Heal your relationship with money and uncover money blocks

● Learn to set essential boundaries in your business

● Set up a program/system that brings in abundance and works for you and your clients

● Learn the strategies and energetics to embody your magnetism as a Coach

● Grow a loyal online community

● Learn how to speak your authentic truth with confidence that resonates with your soulmate clients

The Magnetic Coach Intensive includes:

● 1x 90 minute coaching session with Jasmine

● 2 weeks of unlimited email/whatsapp support

● Follow up action plan sent via email


1x payment of $695 USD.

Spots are limited.

Upon booking, you will receive a follow up email into your email inbox containing details and a link to book your session. Please allow up to 5-10 minutes for this email to come through.

Please note that Jasmine’s programs and packages are non-refundable.