The Magnetic Coach Intensive

You are here because you:

● Feel a calling to become a Coach however don’t know where to get started

● Are already a Coach and want to attract your soulmate clients

● Want to create an abundant online business AND love what you do

● Need clarity on your key message and niche as a Coach that converts

● Are ready to continue expanding your business and make a quantum leap!

~ You’ve come to the right place ~

The Magnetic Coach Intensive is a special package I have created just for you, the rising Coach, to support you in stepping into your magnetism and create the abundant business of your dreams.

With over 4 years of online brand experience, and having created an annual 6-figure business as a Coach, I am devoted to supporting you in being abundantly rewarded while also feeling fulfilled and passionate about what you do.

You see, I don’t believe there is one strategy that fits all. I believe that when we get to truly understand ourselves – how we’ve been designed and how we function most effectively – then you can create a unique strategy that works for you, so that you can create a business from flow and fun rather than stress and hustle.

I am deeply passionate about energetics and believe that the key ingredient to a successful business isn’t just strategy, but combining it with energy. 

Creating a thriving coaching business wasn’t an accident. It took uncovering my limiting beliefs, healing my inner child, shadow work, shifting past self-sabotage, understanding strategies that work with my design, and embodying an abundance mindset.

When we learn to work with our nature instead of go against it, we get to live our most purposeful and prosperous life. 

Being a Coach is truly rewarding. You deserve to create an abundant business while changing lives all around the world.

It’s your time to shine, sister!

In this Intensive you will get to:

● Uncover what limiting beliefs may be creating resistance and holding you back

● Reprogram your subconscious mind and heal your shadows

● Gain clarity on your WHY as a Coach and your story

● Heal your relationship with money and learn how to sell soulfully

● Create a clear message for your niche that converts

● Set up a program/system that brings in abundance and works for you and your clients

● Learn the strategies and energies to embody your magnetism as a Coach

● Learn how to call in your soulmate clients

● Set up your business for success and flow

● Learn how to speak your authentic truth with confidence that resonates with your soulmate clients

The Magnetic Coach Intensive includes:

● 1x 2 hour strategy session with Jasmine

● 2 weeks of unlimited email/whatsapp support

● 1x 30 minute wrap up call


1x payment of $510 USD

Spots are limited.

Upon booking, you will receive a follow up email into your email inbox containing details and a link to book your session. Please allow up to 5-10 minutes for this email to come through.

Please note that Jasmine’s programs and packages are non-refundable.