A 4 month intimate experience supporting feminine leaders in growing their online empire to create more income, impact and liberation.

Business Empress: The Mastermind

i know you're here because you...

Hi Sister!

 Are a soul-led leader desiring to leave your legacy in the world.

Want to create a life of freedom through having a thriving, purposeful online business.

Want to scale to $5k-$10k months in your business but you don't know how to get started.

Desire to lead your life and business from your feminine, rather than the traditional masculine hustle that you know leads to burnout.

Experience self-doubt and imposter syndrome, and want to step into true confidence.

Feel confused on the next steps to take, and desire to create a clear roadmap that will take you to the next level.

Feel unclear on your message and who you're here to serve, and want to have a clearer understanding of who you truly are.

Find yourself filtering and overly editing yourself online, and want to unapologetically express your authenticity without the fear of judgement.

I've got you babe!

I'm Jasmine

Before I became a Coach, I started out as a Youtube Content Creator, growing a community of 340,000 subscribers. 

Learning how to use social media, grow a loyal community and create valuable content changed my life, and is what allowed me to become my own boss and work on my own terms.

In 2018 I had begun my Podcast, in 2019 I wrote and self-published my first book "Manifest Like Bliss" in 2 days, and in 2020, I graduated from a 6-month Life Coaching Course which I knew was the path I was always meant to take.

In mid 2020, I started booking 1:1 clients, and by the end of 2020, I had launched my first group program supporting women in creating their dream life, which also led to my first 5 figure income month.

In 2021, I upgraded my group program to "The Awakened Woman" and launched this twice, each time enrolling the most aligned clients. 

I also created my signature self-love program, "LOVED: The 6 Pillars to Self-Love", followed by "Femme Activation".

Today, I am truly living my dream life, supporting women and leaders around the world that brings me so much purpose and joy.

I am abundantly compensated, and I am living in my favourite place in Bali with my wonderful husband.

Throughout my entrepreneurship journey over the past 5 years, I have most certainly learned a whole lot about business. 

My path didn't come without it's challenges, such as a launch that didn't go to plan, learning to deal with online haters, overcoming the fear of judgement, and burnout.

My experiences, challenges, breakthroughs and successes are why I have created the Business Empress Mastermind.

I know what it takes to grow an online empire, create success and do so while feeling aligned, on purpose and fulfilled.

And I am passionate about helping leaders like you to thrive in your business and create your own dream life too.

With healing, subconscious reprogramming, mindset shifting, energy alignment and soulful strategy, I'm here to support you in becoming a Business Empress.

II'm a Women's Transformation Coach, Author and Host of the "Jasmine Lipska Podcast", guiding highly driven women to unleash their fullest expression, create healthy relationships and shift into their most aligned & unapologetic life. I am deeply devoted to supporting women in creating the life of their dreams.

As a Coach, I grew my business to 6+ figures in 1.5 years. Not only do I live an abundant life on the outside, but most of all, I feel fulfilled, purposeful and aligned within. 

This is my mission: to support you in creating a business that not only creates external success, but more importantly feels in alignment and rewarding  internally.

Are you in?


Week 1: Releasing (limiting beliefs, what's no longer serving you, shedding the old, creating space for the new)

Week 3: Clarity (gaining clarity on yourself, who you desire to serve, the legacy of your business, the big WHY)

Week 5: Money, Money, Money (money mindset, wealth consciousness, pricing)

Week 7: Embodiment & Becoming Magnetic to clients 

Week 9: Creating a validated program, Channeling & Intuition 

Week 11: Instagram content creation & community 

Week 13: Soulful selling (writing sales pages, selling in the DMs, the energy of selling)

Week 15: Pleasure & Orgasmic Business 

Week 17: Conscious Leadership (embodying potent leadership)

You will receive:

4 months of high-level support 

1x private 60 minute call with Jasmine per month 

9x biweekly live Masterclasses with Q&A time 

Private Group Voxer for support between calls

A lifetime of knowledge to build your online empire


Previous client success

I decided to start working with Jasmine because I was struggling with imposter syndrome.

She was the first coach I really felt called to work with because I resonated a lot with her story, personality and beautiful energy. She‘s genuinely caring and most importantly, amazing at holding space for you which allows you to open up. 

What then happened throughout our coaching sessions exceeded my expectations. I ended up not only healing the imposter syndrome but also healing my attachment style through inner child work. It’s as if I finally could see my own actions, patterns and beliefs more clearly and from another perspective which allowed me to make positive changes in my life. I will forever be grateful for this transformation.

She also gives you helpful tips and homework like mantras, journaling exercises, book recommendations and meditations.I felt heard, valued and seen at every moment and I could just be my authentic self during our coaching sessions. This, in itself, is already such a gift and therefore, doing the inner work felt much easier and safer.

You can truly feel that Jasmine is living her purpose and I hope she keeps sharing her beautiful light with the world. It was an absolute pleasure to work with her and I would recommend her to anyone!!

Learning about psychology, reading self-help books, journaling, meditating etc. is great, but having someone like Jasmine who helps you reflect yourself in a 1:1 setting and makes you aware of your own “blind spots”, is priceless.

Thank you Jasmine with all my heart.



I was in the beginning of building my own coaching business when I made the decision to take the Magnetic Coach Intensive program with Jasmine. 
She had the ability to understand and guide me through the fog I was into and bring clarity to the niche and structure of my offers. Right after the first session, I walked away beyond motivated to take the next action steps feeling focused and empowered which was exactly what I needed.
Thanks to her amazing insights, I could shed light on my blind spots, identify what I have to work on, and define where I am aiming to. Jasmine provided amazing expertise on how I can embody my magnetism, heal my shadows, as well as following business strategies that feel aligned.
The value I got from working with Jasmine was much beyond my expectations, I even have a hard time putting it into words. What I can say for sure is that working with Jasmine will make you feel empowered, divinely supported and it will definitely transform your life!
Even after this short time with Jasmine, my identity is shifting into the new, upleveled version of myself. My dreams are becoming a reality and it feels amazing to make that happen being guided by a wonderful coach.

1:1 coaching client

1:1 coaching client

I am highly sensitive and empathetic

The beach is my soul’s happy place

I love arts and crafts, and a good board game!

My witch archetype is the fairy witch

I’m a sun in cancer, moon in taurus and rising virgo

Dates: 23rd February - June 2022
(official call times will be decided upon client enrolment to ensure that times will suit everyone to attend live.)

Limited to 10 women only

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Are you ready to grow your online empire and create more income, impact and liberation?

One time payment of $3700

Xo, Jasmine

4x monthly payments of $1100

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