The Awakened Woman Mastermind

Ignite your confidence, discover your dharma, and create the abundant business of your dreams

The Awakened Woman Mastermind is a 10 Week Group Coaching Program for women who desire to or are starting an online business, to step into confidence, discover their unique gifts, and create abundance through their feminine magnetism.

This is an intimate, high accountability container for 15 women, designed to support you in achieving big results and take your career to the next level.

The themes for each group Mastermind call include: Releasing limiting beliefs, Clarity on your authentic purpose and gifts, Developing confidence to show up online, Content creation, Boundaries, Money mindset, Crafting a program, Pricing your services, Attracting dream clients, Selling soulfully, Growing an online community, Masculine and feminine business energetics, and more.

Hey beautiful

I know what it’s like when you have a dream of creating a life of purpose and freedom, but you don’t know where to start.

I know what it’s like to fear judgement and experience imposter syndrome.

I know what it’s like to step into the unknown, take a leap of faith, and launch an online service birthed from your heart.

I see you, and I hear you.

This is why I created The Awakened Woman Mastermind.

After 4 years of being an entrepreneur and building my own successful online business through social media, I’m ready to support women like you in creating an abundant business too.

I’m ready to teach you everything I know and have embodied, that supported me from working a 9-5 job, to creating an annual 6 figure business that brings me so much fulfilment, purpose and freedom.

I promise – it’s not complicated.

I won’t be telling you to hustle. I won’t be teaching you copy-and-paste strategies. I won’t be encouraging you to buy followers and do Facebook ads.

What I will be teaching you is how to embody your magnetism, so that you can turn your dream business into a reality through flow, inspiration, fun and aligned action from your Higher self.

I will be teaching you how to increase your self-worth, value yourself, step into confidence, let go of your fears around showing up, grow a supportive community, and gain clarity on your gifts, so that your success is sustainable.

In the past 4 years, I have never created a single Facebook ad.

I have never used robotic strategies that just focus on numbers and not the people.

Yet, I’ve created an abundant online business and grown a deeply connected community I’m in love with.

Creating an online business through sharing your service-based gifts, is truly all about energy.

When you master your worth and energy, you can manifest your own version of success without doing things that don’t feel in alignment.

Are you ready to leap?

This Mastermind is for women who:

✔︎ Desire to start an online service-based business

✔︎ Have already started an online business and want to see bigger results

✔︎ Desire to have high accountability

✔︎ Want to discover their unique gifts to create a positive impact in the world

✔︎ Are coaches/healers/entrepreneurs that want to use social media to grow their business

✔︎ Want to grow their community online organically

✔︎ Want to learn how to create an online program

✔︎ Desire to attract dream clients with ease and aligned action

✔︎ Want to learn how to create purposeful and effective Youtube videos, Instagram posts, and podcasts

This Mastermind is not for women who:

✔︎ Don’t believe in investing in themselves

✔︎ Have a fixed mindset

✔︎ Cannot commit to a 10 week program

✔︎ Are not feeling a full body yes to their dream business

✔︎ Don’t feel ready to provide an online service

✔︎ Make excuses for why things can’t work out

What’s included

● 1x 45 minute private 1:1 session with Jasmine

● 10x weekly live group Mastermind calls

● Access to The Awakened Woman program

● PDF Mastermind workbook

● High Accountability

● Private Facebook group for support


The Mastermind begins on the 14th September and ends on the 16th December.

Enrol now for a one time payment of $2222 AUD or 4x monthly payments of $666 AUD.

(if you prefer the payment plan, please contact Jasmine via Instagram or email