Guided Meditations

‘Guided Meditations- A Journey to Connecting with Your Highest Self’, 

is a compilation of 9 powerful guided meditations, produced and created by Jasmine Lipska.

 The Tracks:

1. Morning Energiser – 6:28

2. Strengthening Your Intuition– 8:00

3. Self-love and Inner Peace- 14:02

4. Abundance – 11:03

5. Gratitude and Positivity– 13:26

6. Acceptance and Letting Go – 7:09

7. Stress and Anxiety Relief – 10:41

8. Evening Calm – 9:08

9. Powerful Affirmations– 9:36

Why meditate?

 Meditation is a spiritual practice with ancient history dating back thousands of years. It is the art of being still, using techniques to clear the mind and reach a calm emotional state. Daily meditation has been shown to bring powerful changes and benefits to our wellbeing, and allows us to live more mindful lives. Read more about the benefits here.


 When can I use them?

 Every single day, any time you want! There is no ‘right’ time to meditate. Mornings after waking up and evenings before bed can help you start and end the day in a mindful manner, however any time you feel that you need to reconnect to your Highest Self, you may meditate.


 How do I meditate?

 All you need is yourself, your breath, a quiet and peaceful space, and perhaps a comfortable pillow to sit on. The audio will guide you on the rest of your meditation practice.


What can these meditations bring me?

∙ A guide to help you connect with your Highest Self
∙ A raise in your vibration and frequency
∙ Positive energy and confidence
∙ A shift in mindset
∙ Space to relax your mind, release tension, and relieve stress and anxiety
∙ An opportunity to develop your intuition, enhance inspired action, and improve self-awareness


This compilation of guided meditations includes:

∙ High Quality Binaural Meditation Music
∙ Gently, softly spoken and calming guided voice
∙ Genuine, authentic and original script
∙ 6-14 powerful minutes each, totalling around 90 minutes of meditation
∙ Automatic and easy-to-download mp3 format that is transferrable onto any other electronic device


Listen to a sample here:

[Track 1- Morning Energiser]