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    Introducing the ‘Radiate Love Choose Kindness’ Shirts

    I am so excited to finally bring you the first Jasmine Lipska merchandise, personally designed and created with love- the ‘Radiate Love, Choose Kindness’ shirts♡

    This mantra, “radiate love, choose kindness”, has become my life motto, and the words in which I live my life by from the moment I wake every day.

    It is a reminder of our truth; our essence here on Earth.

    The image of the lotus has also been intentionally incorporated next to these words, because to me it beautifully symbolises that we too can trust in the light, rise from the mud, bloom from where we are and radiate our beauty into the world no matter where we grow from.

    When you wear this statement, along with the lotus symbol, you bring with you a positive energy, and it is sure to bring a positive light to the world.

    Words are powerful. It can make a greater difference than we realise, and in a world where we need more love than ever, I know that you and anyone else who comes across this mantra will be impacted for the highest good.

    That is why I have created these shirts with intention, with love, to remind us to always be kind to ourselves, to others, to the planet, to all.



    Shirts and colours available

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    This will also make a wonderful gift, to give something meaningful to your loved ones and friends♡

    Includes sizes S-3XL.

    (Jasmine is wearing size S)

    Radiate Love, Choose Kindness now



    If you have been following me for a while, you may know that I am all for purchasing items that bring you value, and genuinely support the creator.

    I have wholeheartedly created these shirts in alignment with my values, which means they are ethical, affordable as can be, comfortable, high in quality, and make you feel good to raise your vibration. 

    Thank you for giving me the opportunity to do what I love, including designing the shirts, and spreading this powerful message that the world needs more souls sharing.

    Keep shining your light♡


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