Private Coaching

Are you looking for a heart-centred Coach who understands and guides you towards transforming your life?

I’m Jasmine, and I am a qualified Life Coach guiding women to embody self-love and activate their feminine frequency, so they can create their abundant dream life unapologetically and live their purpose.

Having now worked with over 70 women and continuously expanding, I am passionate about helping you to overcome the inner critic, feel confidently beautiful in your body, and find your purpose to through simple step-by-step processes. 

On my own self-love journey, I overcame several eating disorders, body dysmorphia, low self-worth, low confidence, and feeling lost in life. I understand what it’s like to face these challenges, and also what it takes to heal and embody true self-love.

From once being a university dropout with no idea what to pursue, other than dreaming of a life of freedom and creativity, I have also now been able to create my dream life and find my purpose. Living in Bali, every day I am able to wake up and follow my passions, help women around the world, and build a thriving business that allows me to be financially free.

I am here to guide you to create a life that you love too.

I can help you:

Feel confident in your body.

Make peace with food.

Take action towards your dreams and stop procrastinating.

Overcome the inner critic and limiting beliefs that are holing you back.

Invite more inner peace into your life.

Find your unique purpose and get paid for it.

Let go of fear to pursue your happiness and freedom.

Develop a positive mindset that works for you.

Feel worthy and good enough, and embody this into your every day life.

The benefits of 1:1 Coaching

By working with me 1:1 on a personal level, you will be able to fast-track reaching your goals, and be provided with positive accountability to get from where you are to where you want to be.

I will be giving you all of my attention and energy in our calls and during the entire program, so you will have a coach who truly cares about you, and guides you onto the path of alignment.

Program options

Interested in coaching?

Due to increasing applications, please allow 2 working days for me to get back to your application. I look through each one and work with women who are most suitable for the programs.

Client Testimonials:


Client – 12 Week Program

Working with Jasmine is such a gift, I truly loved the Bloom program. Each life coaching session I had with her was so empowering, she has a natural way of supporting and inspiring personal growth. Her approach to personal coaching is so approachable she honors where you are, while encouraging you to reach towards your dreams. I found the way she coached me to blend self love practices with actionable steps that pushed me, so helpful. It gave me a renewed sense of joy and inner strength and confidence.
Giving myself the time to make the changes Jasmine suggested made a huge difference in how I am handling challenges and creating my future. I overcame so much self doubt and anxiety that I struggled with for years. Once she helped me realize that boundaries are also about filling my time up with things I truly love and feel refreshed doing, I started to see them as a choice of self love. This had such a positive effect on my well-being and the kinds of choices I am making now are moving me closer to my dreams.
I found the confidence to dream and courage to go for those goals, the ones that have been tugging at my heart for so long and seemed out of reach. Jasmine is amazing at bringing big dreams into focus. She showed me how to shift my mindset and step forward with lots of self love and commitment.
It was so lovely to grow as a person through Jasmine’s guidance and support. More than ever I feel like I am blooming, personal coaching gave me the clarity and actionable steps I needed to love and prioritize myself and my future. So thankful for all the little wins along the way. I am excited for the future wins too! It was a joy to work with Jasmine, she brings such magic to life coaching and inspires really beautiful transformation 🙂