Private Coaching

Are you looking for a heart-centred Coach who understands and guides you towards transforming your life?

You’re here because you…

✔︎ Want to stop feeling stuck in life and find purpose + direction.

✔︎ Want to stop repeating old patterns that no longer serve you.

✔︎ Know that there is more meant for you in life and need support to show you the way.

✔︎ Constantly hear the inner critic voice that is holding you back from your dreams.

✔︎ Have tried #allthethings but nothing seems to be changing in your life.

✔︎  Have set goals but never seem to achieve them.

You’ve come to the right place gorgeous!

I’m Jasmine, and I am a qualified Self-Love Coach guiding women to embody their worth and confidence, so they can create their abundant dream life unapologetically and live their purpose.

I am devoted to helping you overcome the inner critic, feel confidently beautiful, develop positive self-image, create fulfilment in your life, achieve your dreams, discover your unique purpose, and heal with simple step-by-step processes. 

My approach to coaching is not by the textbook, applying the same thing to everyone. I aim to create long-lasting results for my clients through deeply understanding their inner child and personality, and providing unique strategies and healing practices to achieve their individual goals. My proven methods for transformation include mind reprogramming and manifestation.

On my own self-love journey, I overcame several eating disorders, body dysmorphia, low self-worth, low confidence, and feeling lost in life. I understand what it’s like to face these challenges, and also what it takes to heal and embody true self-love.

From once being a university dropout with no idea what to pursue, other than dreaming of a life of freedom and creativity, I have also now been able to create my dream life and find my purpose. Every day I am able to wake up and follow my passions, help women around the world, and build a thriving business that allows me the freedom I once dreamed of.

With over 4 years experience, I am here to guide you to create a life that you love too. It is possible.

I can help you:

✔︎ Identify the root cause of patterns and behaviours that no longer serve you.

✔︎ Reprogram your mind for success.

✔︎ Create clarity on your goals and purpose.

✔︎ Feel confident in your body and make peace with food.

✔︎ Begin healing your inner child.

✔︎ Take action towards your dreams and stop procrastinating.

✔︎ Overcome the inner critic and limiting beliefs that are holing you back.

✔︎ Invite more inner peace into your life.

✔︎ Let go of fear to pursue your happiness and freedom.

✔︎ Develop a positive mindset that works for you.

✔︎ Feel worthy and good enough, and embody this into your every day life.

The benefits of 1:1 Coaching

By working with me 1:1 on a personal level, you will be able to fast-track reaching your goals, and be provided with positive accountability to get from where you are to where you want to be.

I will be giving you all of my attention and energy in our calls and during the entire program, so you will have a coach who truly cares about you, and guides you onto the path of alignment.

Program options

What you’ll get:

How it works:

1. We begin with a complimentary call, where we discuss where you’re currently at in life, what you want to achieve and gain clarity on your goals.

2. I then send you a questionnaire, where I will get to understand your personality and human design in more detail. This will help with providing unique strategies and healing tools that work most efficiently with you.

3. I create a structure for your selected program (6 or 12 weeks), based on your goals, personality and childhood upbringing.

4. Receive your welcome booklet!

5. We begin our sessions! If you chose the 6 week program, we will have 6 weekly calls. If you chose the 12 week program, we will have 6 biweekly calls, including an extra wrap up call and your choice of a bonus 30 minute session or Oracle Reading. While I do create a structure for the program, during these sessions you are also able to bring up anything else that you desire to work through.

6. In between our sessions, you will receive tailored homework, accountability check-ins, and unlimited email or WhatsApp support.

7. By the end of your program, it’s time to celebrate your achievements and transformations! 

Interested in coaching?

Due to increasing applications, please allow 2 working days for me to get back to your application. I look through each one and work with women who are most suitable for the programs.

Client Success and Testimonials:


Client – 12 Week Program

Working with Jasmine is such a gift, I truly loved the Bloom program. Each life coaching session I had with her was so empowering, she has a natural way of supporting and inspiring personal growth. Her approach to personal coaching is so approachable she honors where you are, while encouraging you to reach towards your dreams. I found the way she coached me to blend self love practices with actionable steps that pushed me, so helpful. It gave me a renewed sense of joy and inner strength and confidence.
Giving myself the time to make the changes Jasmine suggested made a huge difference in how I am handling challenges and creating my future. I overcame so much self doubt and anxiety that I struggled with for years. Once she helped me realize that boundaries are also about filling my time up with things I truly love and feel refreshed doing, I started to see them as a choice of self love. This had such a positive effect on my well-being and the kinds of choices I am making now are moving me closer to my dreams.
I found the confidence to dream and courage to go for those goals, the ones that have been tugging at my heart for so long and seemed out of reach. Jasmine is amazing at bringing big dreams into focus. She showed me how to shift my mindset and step forward with lots of self love and commitment.
It was so lovely to grow as a person through Jasmine’s guidance and support. More than ever I feel like I am blooming, personal coaching gave me the clarity and actionable steps I needed to love and prioritize myself and my future. So thankful for all the little wins along the way. I am excited for the future wins too! It was a joy to work with Jasmine, she brings such magic to life coaching and inspires really beautiful transformation 🙂


Client – 6 Week Program

A challenge I was facing prior to coaching with Jasmine was continuing to take back my cheating ex. I knew that in order for me to fully move on, I needed healing, but I didn’t know how to do it alone. I also struggled with confidence, loving myself, and sticking to my spiritual practices. I was really sad and didn’t know how to get over the past.

During our coaching together, I’ve learned how to care for myself and forgive myself for mistakes I have made. I’ve also learned how to forgive others who have hurt me without their apology. I learned that in order to be aligned, you need to heal. The most valuable is being able to recognize when I am not honoring myself and then choose to. 

After Jasmine’s guidance, I have healed, I am strong enough to not take back my ex, even though he continues to try to get me back. I have a stronger relationship with God because I have been consistent with my spiritual practices. I trust in the divine timing of my life. 

Coaching has been a greta decision for me because I feel lighter, free, and not held down by the pain of the past. I am able to be a blessing or a light to others because my cup is overflowing. 

For anyone thinking about coaching with Jasmine – Jasmine is amazing! I’ve been following her for years and whenever I needed to feel better about myself, or feel good energy, she was one of the beautiful conscious women I turned to. When I saw that she had started coaching, I knew I had to work with her, I knew I had to have that energy in my life. I’m so glad I invested in me. If you need healing, definitely sign up with Jasmine! 


Client – 12 Week Program

When I first started my coaching program with Jasmine, I was facing some difficulties with my business as I didn’t know where to start. I didn’t have any experience as an entrepreneur and I had some knowledge lacks. When I first started my coaching sessions with Jasmine, Jasmine gave me so much knowledge and tools to keep me going with my work. She only needed to tell me where to start or drop me some hints of ideas, and I did this without hesitation. I felt good while I was coached by Jasmine, her energy was so positive and she always knew to ask the right questions. When I started I already had a vision and an idea for my business, I only didn’t know how to structure my idea. Jasmine helped me be a great career mentor which I am super grateful for. Besides my business struggles, she coached me mentally and spiritually as well (in areas I needed the most support). I always felt free to ask her questions and I didn’t feel pressured or stressed out in our coaching sessions. 
During my coaching sessions with Jasmine, I learned to be more compassionate to myself, learning to deal with the inner critic more efficiently, embracing failure (it’s okay not to be okay), embracing uncertainty. I learned how to set goals more efficiently for myself.
My success was that I already got a lot of viewers on IG, I bought the pro equipment for my podcast and I’ll be recording my first episodes this week, I talked to amazing coaches and was learning from them about their strategies and about their businesses as well. I got to do the things I love at most and I already have people following me on social media (Facebook and Instagram- my Facebook group is now expanding more). Plus I had my very first book club meeting that I myself hosted and some people came, and we discussed my book.
Coaching was a great decision for me because I knew I wanted to share my wisdom with others and I knew I wanted to spread the word by publishing my book and by creating my own brand. I knew that I am going to help people to achieve the lives they deserve to live and I wanted to break all the myths that people were engaged to. Go after your desires and you’ll see where it takes you in your life journey.


Client – 6 Week Program

I struggled for years with people pleasing and being the “good girl”; so much so that I didn’t know who I truly was. Last year I felt especially low and was tired of putting my well-being at the bottom of my priorities. During this low period, I found Jasmine’s podcast and felt very called to book a session with her. I decided to show up for myself and I booked a call! I had hoped that this would be the beginning of a new, self-compassionate and healing journey for me. I wanted to start living my life!

I felt so safe and welcome during my call with Jasmine. I could feel she truly cared and I felt safe to open up to her and do the inner work. After my first call, my intuition called loud and clear and said, “keep going!”. So I then booked a 6 week program with Jasmine. It was one of the best decisions I have ever made.

In those 6 weeks, I enrolled in school, I got a tattoo (which I had always wanted to do!), set boundaries for myself, and I learned to truly love and be grateful for myself. I rewrote my story from “I am not good enough. All I do is people please.” to “I AM ENOUGH and I have always been enough! I am worthy of a fulfilling and abundant life.”

After working with Jasmine, I feel like I am becoming who I have always truly been inside. I am forever grateful to Jasmine for being the sweetest, most compassionate, empathetic, beautiful healing force that she is. Honestly, if you are open to doing this inner work, please book a call with Jasmine. Putting your well being first is the best decision you can make for yourself. I will absolutely book more calls in the future!

With Jasmine, you will feel fully supported, guided and safe. This is your time to shine and create the life YOU want for yourself.