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  • $0.00

    Begin your day in a positive and uplifting tone by downloading the FREE Morning Meditation, created with love by Jasmine Lipska.

    You will receive one mp3 audio upon checkout. Please download to your computer/desktop first, before transferring to another device such as smartphone.

    If you enjoyed this meditation, you may like to purchase the entire set here:

  • $22.00

    ‘Guided Meditations- A Journey to Connecting with Your Highest Self’, is a compilation of 9 powerful guided meditations, produced and created by Jasmine Lipska.

    This compilation of guided meditations includes:

    • High Quality Binaural Meditation Music
    • Gently, softly spoken and calming guided voice
    • Genuine, authentic and original script
    • 6-14 powerful minutes each, totalling around 90 minutes of meditation
    • Automatic and easy-to-download mp3 format that is transferrable onto any other electronic device

    The Guided Meditations:

    1. Morning Energiser – 6:28
    2. Strengthening Your Intuition– 8:00
    3. Self-love and Inner Peace- 14:02
    4. Abundance – 11:03
    5. Gratitude and Positivity– 13:26
    6. Acceptance and Letting Go – 7:09
    7. Stress and Anxiety Relief – 10:41
    8. Evening Calm – 9:08
    9. Powerful Affirmations– 9:36