• 2019 Moon Phases Calendar


    Keep track of the moon cycles with the 2019 Moon Phases Calendar, designed and created with love by Jasmine Lipska.

    With a simple and clean layout, this concise calendar includes dates of the full moon, new moon, crescent moon, half moon and gibbous moon.

    Perfect to use as your desktop wallpaper, phone wallpaper, in your own digital designs, to print and hang on your wall for inspirational wall art, and to send as a thoughtful gift to a loved one. Using moon calendars are a great way to develop a connection with the lunar cycle, understand the relationship between your experiences and moon phases, help you track your feminine cycle, set intentions at your prime energetic time, manifest your desires, and become more conscious of your body.




    – This is a digital file only.
    – You will receive a full HD PDF file to download in the email provided upon purchase.
    – Size: suited to print on A4 paper. Height: 297 Millimetres; Width: 210 Millimetres

    How to use:

    – The possibilities are endless. You can use it as your desktop wallpaper, phone wallpaper, or print it out and frame it to create beautiful wall art. Get creative as you wish 🙂

    Printing instructions:

    – You may print in full colour or black and white.
    – Choose ‘high quality’ printing.
    – Choose full size printing


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