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    Create your dream life and live with intention in a new year, with ‘The Blissful Soul’ 2019 Journal of Love by Jasmine Lipska. Filled with personally designed pages to guide you to growth and achievement, this journal is created to inspire you to stay organised, dive deeper within yourself, and reach your highest potential. Focused on self-love and development, the Journal of Love includes goal setting, powerful quotes, reflections, moon phases, monthly finances, habit trackers, self-care lists and more, to guide you to take action leading on the path of manifesting your dreams into a reality. A reality that you are worthy of.

    What’s inside:

    • Goal setting
    • Moon phases calendar
    • Yearly Overview
    • Weekly log
    • Self-Love Lessons
    • Self-Care lists
    • Personal Development pages
    • New and Full Moon Journalling
    • Monthly Reflections
    • Yearly Reflections
    • Powerful Quotes
    • and much more..
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    *PLEASE NOTE: This is a PDF file only. After purchasing, you may customise it and print it out.*


    6×9 in, 15×23 cm
    272 Pages
    Size: 3.7MB
    Personally fill in dates of the month


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