A Guide to Journalling: The Class


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‘A Guide to Journalling’ is a class created with love by Jasmine Lipska.

Inside this class, you will learn what journalling is, the incredible benefits, and how to journal effectively. After journalling for 10 years, Jasmine brings insight into her experience, and how it has changed her life in a positive way.

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  • You will receive access to one video class and one PDF.
  • Due to the nature of the product, it is non-refundable.

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3 reviews for A Guide to Journalling: The Class

  1. Lea (verified owner)

    I love this class, I believe it suits everyone who’s interested in journaling or writing in general. It’s a great exercise for all of you for releasing your emotions. I got to learn a lot from Jasmine, one of the things I learned from her is the benefits of journaling and the different techniques for journaling. I think this class has great value and a really good outcome since the money goes to a great cause which is helping the Balinese people during their pandemic crisis. If there’s something we can do today is helping ourselves and the people surrounding us. Thank you Jasmine for putting your precious work out there! 😀

    • jaslipska

      Thank you Lea, I am truly so happy to hear this wonderful feedback from you, and that you enjoyed the class!
      Much love xx

  2. Farani (verified owner)

    Great guide – I love the video and the prompt. It is a great value and Jasmine covers some valuable things, as she always does. I have been journaling since I was little so the topic is not new to me; however I still learned from it and am grateful I decided to get the guide. I believe everyone can learn from this, whether you are new or not to journaling practice.

  3. Megan Gordon

    This class was the breath of fresh air that my journal needed to help me use it in a valuable and meaningful way again. The prompt questions are really beneficial for those new to journaling, and even for long-term journal-ers like myself! As always, Jasmine’s guidance and encouragement is so refreshing, and I now turn to my daily journals with more enthusiasm than before. Thank you for creating this class, Jasmine!

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A Guide to Journalling: The Class