Virtual Inner Child Meditation Circle


Join Jasmine as she will guide you in meeting and healing your inner child in this sacred meditation circle.

Your inner child is a psychological part of the brain that was conditioned through your childhood. It’s that part of you that has needs, wants to have fun, play, be creative, and feel safe and loved.

This meditation circle will help you if you:

  • Find it difficult to express your needs
  • Find it hard to set boundaries
  • Often feel anxious
  • Often feel unworthy
  • Feel like you’re in a ‘rut’
  • Suppress your feelings
  • Want to attract a loving relationship
  • Want to embody self-love
  • Experience coping mechanisms like fidgeting and addiction
  • Want to learn how to self-soothe
  • Want to shift patterns that no longer serve you



  • When: Saturday 27th March
  • Time: 5pm Bali time (GMT +8)
  • Length: around 30-40 minutes


If you can’t join us live, the recording will be sent to you so that you can do the meditation in your own time.

You will receive an email upon registering with more information for the session.




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Virtual Inner Child Meditation Circle