• ‘Your Relationship With Money’ MasterClass

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    This is a powerful, concise, comprehensive, chanelled and empowering one-hour video recorded masterclass, guiding you on your journey to tapping into abundance, up levelling your inner wealth consciousness and how to unapologetically living a life that you love with wealth.

    In this masterclass, you will learn:

    • What exactly is money?
    • Understanding your Money Story.
      • Your money beliefs.
      • Where these beliefs came from.
    • The Truth about Money
    • The Importance of Money and your Awareness About It.
    • How to Change Your Money Story that Serves Your Highest Good.
    • How to Manifest More Money.
    • How to Up Level your Money Consciousness.

    This class was included as part of a bonus in Jasmine’s Blissful Soul Membership Program, and after purchasing you will be sent the link to watch the online video, that you can download and keep forever.



    Things to note:

    • To make the most of this class, it is recommended that you have a pen and notebook with you to take notes.
    • The link leads to an online video, however you can also download it to watch offline too.
    • This class is evergreen, meaning you get to keep it forever.
    • This class will bring you immense value and eye-opening information that will transform your relationship with money for good.

    1 review for ‘Your Relationship With Money’ MasterClass

    1. Georgina

      Thank you Jasmine for this amazing Masterclass. It taught me so much about money and made me realise that I need to re-write my story regarding money. Thanks again, much love

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