The Blissful Soul Self-Love Workbook + Guided Meditations Bundle


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Dive into connecting with your Highest Self, with this special value bundle including the ‘Blissful Soul Self-Love Workbook’ & ‘Guided Meditations’, created with love by Jasmine Lipska.

The Blissful Soul Self-Love Workbook by Jasmine Lipska is a comprehensive, 38 page downloadable and printable workbook created to help guide you on your own self-love journey. Packed with journalling sections, checklists, deep prompts, affirmation cards, and all things personal development, this is for you if you would like to take the next step forward, seek guidance, discover more of who you are, and connect to your Highest Self.

What’s in the workbook?

  • Comprehensive Self-Love Journalling section
  • Self-Love Checklist
  • Self-Love Quotes
  • Self-Care Ideas
  • Kind Things To Do page
  • Gratitude Journalling section and prompts
  • Daily Reminders page
  • Daily Habits Checklist
  • New Moon Journal
  • Full Moon Journal
  • Goals section
  • Letter To Your Future Self page
  • 51 Comprehensive Self-Discovery prompts
  • Mantras page
  • Affirmation Cards
  • bout the workbook
  • 35 pages of self-love bliss
  • Mobile and tablet accessible
  • Clean and neat layout
  • Designed to be printed
  • Evergreen- print and work through it as many times as you desire

‘Guided Meditations- A Journey to Connecting with Your Highest Self’, is a compilation of 9 powerful guided meditations, produced and created by Jasmine Lipska.

This compilation of guided meditations includes:

  • High Quality Binaural Meditation Music
  • Gently, softly spoken and calming guided voice
  • Genuine, authentic and original script
  • 6-14 powerful minutes each, totalling around 90 minutes of meditation
  • Automatic and easy-to-download mp3 format that is transferrable onto any other electronic device

The Guided Meditations:

  • Morning Energiser – 6:28
  • Strengthening Your Intuition– 8:00
  • Self-love and Inner Peace- 14:02
  • Abundance – 11:03
  • Gratitude and Positivity– 13:26
  • Acceptance and Letting Go – 7:09
  • Stress and Anxiety Relief – 10:41
  • Evening Calm – 9:08
  • Powerful Affirmations– 9:36
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If you are feeling confused and don’t know where to begin on your self-love journey, then this bundle is for you. The ‘Blissful Soul Self-Love Workbook’ includes everything that you need to take actionable steps to guide you on tuning in to yourself on a deeper level, so that you can cultivate true self-love, feel radically confident in who you are, stop hiding your essence, and manifest your dreams into a reality. The ‘Guided Meditations’ will accompany you on your journey to tapping in to inner peace, and help you develop the self-awareness that you need to make positive changes into your life. It consists of 9 tracks, and is also great for beginners who haven’t yet tried meditation, as Jasmine’s voice will lead you on an experience to elevate your consciousness and come to the present moment.

The Blissful Soul Self-Love Workbook

A life bursting with love begins from within. To be the best version of yourself, to fulfil your soul’s highest potential, and to connect to your inner guide, the first and most important step you can take is to love yourself. Through my own journey of self-love, I have come to realise that the relationship we have with ourselves is ultimately the greatest relationship that we will ever have, and it is key to cultivating inner peace. Our outer reality truly is a reflection of our inner world. Only when we love ourselves fully, can we give our love, attract real love, and align with the energy of love- the most powerful frequency in the universe. And when we are aligned with this energy, we live a life filled with effortless joy and desired manifestations. I have created this self-love workbook just for you, wholeheartedly, based on all that I have found helpful during my process of healing the relationship I have with myself. I truly hope that this workbook can guide you on your own self-love journey, to return to love, because you are so worthy, and the world needs your full presence.


  • Please download the PDF and audios to your laptop or computer first, then transfer it to your other tablets such as smart phones, kindles, ipads, etc. if you wish to do so.
  • If you have lost your copy, please refer back to the email you received when you purchased the ebook as it will have a download button. If you no longer have this email, email me with the date of purchase and your paypal receipt as proof.
  • If the download fails, please ensure you have an internet connection and sufficient storage space on your device for the file, then restart your computer or laptop and try to download it again.
  • This ebook layout has been designed to print.
  • This is a digital and audio copy only.

Why meditate?

  •  Meditation is a spiritual practice with ancient history dating back thousands of years. It is the art of being still, using techniques to clear the mind and reach a calm emotional state. Daily meditation has been shown to bring powerful changes and benefits to our wellbeing, and allows us to live more mindful lives.

When can I use them?

  •  Every single day, any time you want! There is no ‘right’ time to meditate. Mornings after waking up and evenings before bed can help you start and end the day in a mindful manner, however any time you feel that you need to reconnect to your Highest Self, you may meditate.

How do I meditate?

  •  All you need is yourself, your breath, a quiet and peaceful space, and perhaps a comfortable pillow to sit on. The audio will guide you on the rest of your meditation practice.

What can these meditations bring me?

  • A guide to help you connect with your Highest Self
  • A raise in your vibration and frequency
  • Positive energy and confidence
  • A shift in mindset
  • Space to relax your mind, release tension, and relieve stress and anxiety
  • An opportunity to develop your intuition, enhance inspired action, and improve self-awareness

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2 reviews for The Blissful Soul Self-Love Workbook + Guided Meditations Bundle

  1. Justin G (verified owner)

    Jasmines guided mediations are so peaceful and I feel a deep sense of serenity when I use them. The background tracks have a lovely way of putting you into a deeper brainwave state essential for meditation and themselves are super soothing. Paired with Jasmine’s delightful voice and great choice of words, all together make an awesome overall product. I recommend you purchase the blissful bundle consisting of both her guided meditation and self-love workbook because they are both of high value in my personal opinion and work well together 🙂

  2. Lea

    I am so grateful and thankful for purchasing the recorded guided meditations. They help me every day whereas it’s morning or evening time, they are all efficient- no matter what kind of meditation you choose.
    I think it was the smartest decisions I’ve done in my life since I am meditating while listening to these recordings, I feel joy, more relaxed and more flow in my life. It affects my sleep and it definitely helps with my daily routine.
    I always choose love instead of fear.
    The book is incredible as well, so much wisdom in there. Thank you Jasmine, for creating these products.
    I believe they will help more people during their journey.

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The Blissful Soul Self-Love Workbook + Guided Meditations Bundle