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This is Jasmine's signature self-paced online course, guiding you to heal the relationship with yourself through 6 practical modules.

You'll learn to embody your fullest expression, embrace who you are, and step into radical confidence.

A 21 day self-mastery course, helping you uncover your authenticity, come home to your soul's essence and create an aligned AF life + business.


Shadow released

Heal your shame, quit the pleasing and unleash your fully expressed self.

manifest with ease

Drop the resistance, ignite your magnetism, and manifest your next level desires with ease.


Quit the people pleasing and start truly living life for YOU.

she is visible

Get more visibility online, attract aligned clients and become an authority.

next level mindset

Remove your inner blocks and become a MATCH to your next level life.

alchemising anxiety

Your no BS guide to regulating your nervous system and creating inner freedom.


Master your fears to embody actionable courage and leap toward your ideal reality.

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Unlearn your "not good enough" conditioning & feel secure in who you are.

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Heal your relationship with food and learn to eat intuitively.

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