6 week breakthrough program for women who are anxiously attached to heal and create a secure attachment + healthy relationships.



Can you relate to any of these?

Hi Beautiful!

Chasing emotionally unavailable men who don't commit.

Needing constant reassurance in your relationships and seeking approval.

Experiencing a fear of abandonment and rejection.

Putting everyone else's needs before your own, dismissing your own needs.

Feeling unworthy in unless someone chooses you.

Depending on a partner to be happy and feel good about yourself.

Being sensitive to criticism and easily defensive.

Hiding who you truly are in order to feel loved.

Often feeling not good enough and experiencing low self-esteem.

Easily feeling jealous and/or envious of others.

Tolerating a lot and settling for less, including breadcrumbs of love.

let me help you...

I'm Jasmine

Aside from my own experiences, as a Coach working with my private clients over the past 2 years, I noticed that the root cause of people pleasing, low self-worth, chasing uncommitted men and perfectionism (the things women came to me for) was experiencing an anxious attachment.

This is why I created "Revolutionised Love". It's THE method I used in my own life and supported my clients with, that works to help you transform the relationship with yourself and with others.

I'm a Women's Transformation Coach, Author and Host of the "Jasmine Lipska Podcast", guiding highly driven women to unleash their fullest expression, create healthy relationships and shift into their most aligned & unapologetic life. I am deeply devoted to supporting women in becoming their most empowered selves.

Having experienced heightened anxiety in my relationships for most of my life, I know what it's like to feel unworthy, to need constant reassurance, to fear conflict, to fear abandonment and to chase emotionally unavailable men.

I was the ultimate "good girl" and people pleaser, constantly afraid of being criticised, and I took things people said very personally. 

After going through my own healing journey, I was able to break free from the cycle of anxious attachment behaviours that no longer served me, and not only came home to my unapologetic authentic self, but also called in a loving healthy relationship with an incredible man. 

My relationship also brought up more healing opportunities for me, as I also had to look further at the triggers that came up, heal wounding and learn to consciously communicate. It was the catalyst that led to creating security within myself, thus a secure attachment too.

You'll walk away from Revolutionised Love:

Are you ready to create the happiness you deserve?


Having the confidence to speak your needs without self-doubt or fearing abandonment.

Feeling deeply worthy in yourself and creating secure relationships.

No longer chasing after love, instead receiving the love that you desire with ease.

No longer taking rejection or criticism personally.

Feeling more seen, connected and intimate in your relationship.

Calling in a loving relationship with a man in his healthy masculine.

Being a Queen who raises her standards and owns who she authentically is.

Creating the fulfilment and peace you've always wanted in life.

get me in!

Don't just take it from me. Read about what my clients have had to say...

I am so grateful that the universe led me to Jasmine, who guided, supported, and believed in me throughout my journey of deep inner healing. Prior to working together, I had been searching for self-love and self-confidence but felt trapped in the cycle of self-betrayal that was rooted in the negative beliefs that I carried about myself. For so long I had been feeling lost and out of touch with myself. I struggled with perfectionism.

Jasmine taught me how to reconnect with my inner child through various practices. Her kindness, wisdom, empathy, and compassion created a space where I felt completely safe to be vulnerable. I shifted from having a victim mentality to taking radical responsibility for my life. The most valuable lesson I learned is that I have the power to meet my own needs of being seen, heard, loved, and making myself feel safe, rather than searching for external sources to fulfill these needs.

Not only is my relationship with myself thriving, but my relationships with my husband, family, and friends have never been stronger. 

Coaching with Jasmine was the best decision I ever made because it transformed my life. 


I struggled for years with people pleasing and being the “good girl”; so much so that I didn’t know who I truly was. 

I felt so safe and welcome during my call with Jasmine. I could feel she truly cared and I felt safe to open up to her and do the inner work. 

During coaching, I enrolled in school, I got a tattoo (which I had always wanted to do!), set boundaries for myself, and I learned to truly love and be grateful for myself. I rewrote my story from “I am not good enough. All I do is people please.” to “I AM ENOUGH and I have always been enough! I am worthy of a fulfilling and abundant life.” 

After working with Jasmine, I feel like I am becoming who I have always truly been inside. I am forever grateful to Jasmine for being the sweetest, most compassionate, empathetic, beautiful healing force that she is. Honestly, if you are open to doing this inner work, please book a call with Jasmine. Putting your well being first is the best decision you can make for yourself. 


Growing up, I was my own biggest critic. I was a perfectionist and struggled with feedback at work and in my relationships. I often relied on successes and external validation for happiness. I found myself trapped in a cycle of constantly trying to “fix” myself, because I never felt good enough. I was sick and tired of the same patterns that kept repeating itself, so I reached out to Jasmine and that was one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life. 

Throughout our coaching sessions, Jasmine was very kind. She provided me with a safe space where I could express myself and explore my thoughts and feelings. She helped me to process my emotions when I couldn’t understand them, and unpacked all the mental blocks that were in the way of my healing and growth. Jasmine taught me to let go of limiting beliefs that do not serve my higher self, and inspired me to rewrite my story. 

6 months of coaching with Jasmine had transformed me tremendously. I would highly recommend her to anyone who wants to redefine themselves and reclaim the happiness that they’ve always deserved!



You will receive:

6x  live modules

Q&A time after each live module 

Integration + embodiment practices 

Private Facebook group for support

Lifetime access including access to all Q&A calls post-program!


When will the calls be held?

We begin on Friday 1st April at 8am Bali time! Each live module will then take place every Friday at the same time for a total of 6 weeks.

Other Information

will i get access to the recorded call if i can't make it live?

Absolutely! You have life time access.


committed to transforming your life and relationships?

One time payment of $695

Xo, Jasmine

2x monthly payments of $395

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