The Awakened Woman

6 Weeks to Release What Is Holding You Back, Find Your Purpose, and Create An Abundant Life Unapologetically.

Are you ready to step into your purpose and create a life of fulfilment?


Are you ready to finally feel confident and sensual in your body?


Are you ready to welcome in abundance and call in financial freedom?


Are you ready to let go of people pleasing and step into your most empowered self?



The Awakened Woman is a 6 Week Live Program designed to help you create the love, fulfilment and abundance you deserve in life while embodying your feminine essence.  

The Awakened Woman isn’t about striving for perfection, but about owning, loving and accepting ALL of who you are, so that you can live a FREE and peaceful life.

It is here to guide you to get in touch with your inner goddess while standing in your power as the creator of your reality, so you can stop playing small and manifest the life of your dreams.


● Aware of the beliefs that create resistance and release them to no longer hold her back.

● In tune with her truth and unafraid to be her full expression.

● Clear on her desires and dreams, and maintains a vision of her future while being joyful in the present.

● Detaches her worth from her body and feels beautiful from within.

● Knows that she is valuable and doesn’t settle for less than what she deserves.

● Embraces her sensuality and invites pleasure into her life.

● Receives gracefully and never has to chase anything she desires.

● Confident in her gifts and talents, and uses them to embody her purpose.

● In touch with her intuition and is guided by love rather than fear.

● Creates her dream life unapologetically with humility.

● Makes fun a priority and feels complete in herself.

● Takes care of herself through setting clear boundaries and doesn’t abandon her needs to be loved.

● Creates financial abundance by showing up and stepping into her unique purposes.

● Women who desire something more in life – a life that is deeply fulfilling, purposeful and rewarding.

● Women who want to live their potential but don’t know where to start.

● Women who want to stop settling for less and take charge of their life.

● Women who struggle with body image and confidence, and want to make peace with themselves.

● Coaches, Entrepreneurs and Healers who want to become a magnet to their dream clients and call in more financial success.

✔︎ you want to get unstuck, find clarity and discover your purpose.

✔︎ you want to stop repeating cycles and patterns that no longer serve you and let go of self-sabotage.

✔︎  you want to heal your inner child and release your emotional wounds.

✔︎ you want to feel confident and beautiful in your body and stop letting the inner critic take over.

✔︎ you want to stop people pleasing and set healthy boundaries without feeling guilty.

✔︎ you want to feel more at peace and harmonious through balancing your divine masculine and feminine.

✔︎ you want to turn your dreams into a reality without the worry, fear or stress, and instead have fun in the process.

✔︎ an abundant life is calling out to you and you’re ready to see your bank account increase.


● Inner Child Healing

● Letting go of inner resistance and emotional blocks

● Forgiveness

● Shifting your identity

● Rewriting your story


● Getting clear on what your heart desires

● Activating your inner Truth

● Stepping into alignment with your highest self

● Creating a vision for the future


● Overcoming the inner critic

● Setting healthy boundaries

● Positive body image

● Increasing self worth and confidence

● Embracing your sensuality 

● Activating pleasure and your manifesting powers


● Tuning in to your intuition

● Overcoming fear

● Discovering your dharma

● Living your purpose


● Applying the universal laws to turn your dreams into reality

● Balancing your divine masculine and feminine in your everyday

● Becoming open to receiving

● The golden keys to manifesting your desires with grace 


● Developing an abundance mindset

● Letting go of lack

● Everyday abundance rituals

● Creating a positive relationship with money

● Living your birthright to be abundant

  • 6x Live 1 hour Weekly Modules via Zoom
  • Weekly Comprehensive Worksheets
  • 1x Bonus Q&A Call
  • 12 Month Access
  • Private Facebook Group
  • A beautiful like-minded community
  • The opportunity to be personally mentored and coached by Jasmine.

I’m Jasmine, and I am a Self-Love & Purpose Coach, Women’s Mentor, Content Creator, Author of “Manifest Like Bliss” and Host of the “Jasmine Lipska Podcast”. I am devoted to helping women like you to reach your greater potential and create  the life of your dreams, through activating your feminine frequency to discover your purpose and embody magnetic confidence.

I use a heart-centred approach to my coaching practice, with the aim of allowing you to feel heard, understood, safe, and inspired to take action to create positive change in your life. 

In my teenage years, I struggled through multiple eating disorders, body dysmorphia, low self-esteem, anxiety, and depression. I often felt not good enough, afraid to communicate my needs, and suppressed my emotions believing that I was ‘too much’ and unworthy of being heard. Food consumed my life, I feared intimacy, and also seemed to attract emotionally unavailable people into my life.

My healing journey led me to discovering inner child healing and energetic body and spirit work, which allowed me to overcome those challenges one at a time. Through learning to go within and reparent my wounded inner child, as well as embody my feminine frequency, over the past few years I have come to create the life of my DREAMS

Food no longer controls my life, I feel confident in my body more than ever even though I am physically bigger than before, I’m not afraid to set boundaries and say no, I’ve created a business that is fulfilling and gives me financial freedom, I’ve called in my soulmate (now fiancé), and I no longer feel the need to people please.

These are just some of my transformations, and through my experiences and training with Beautiful You Coaching Academy, I can help you create the life of your dreams too through this program. Integrity is incredibly important to me, and I only teach what I practice myself.

Throughout my life, my inner critic has always taken up a lot of space in my thoughts and was holding me back from being the best version of myself. I struggled with accepting myself the way I was and letting go of pleasing others. The Blissful soul program allowed me to gain more awareness on where my negative thoughts came from by questioning them without judgement. I also loved how all of us women in the program were given a positive and safe space to share our experiences and thoughts, and learn together on this self love journey. 


This program has allowed me to reassess every aspect of my life, from increasing self-awareness and awareness to others, to taking inspired actions that would further lead to meaningful healing and growth in the future.
For me personally, all the things I have learned in this program has touched my life and we all know that whatever touches our life is very likely going to stay with us for as long as we live. 
Through each week, I become more aware of my own feelings and how I should act on it instead of reacting without self-control. It is also through this program that I re-educated myself on setting my own boundaries and to care for others without compromising our own peace. Though each week has been wonderful, Week 4 on finding purpose has been my personal favourite as I gained clarity on my purpose and what I truly want to do in my life by doing the workbook. (I think I’m going to take that Health Coach Program that i cancelled on!). One more thing, acknowledging that money is energy has worked wonders for my own peace of mind as it has made letting go of attachments into money become a lot easier. 
All in all, I believe that this program has encouraged me to not shy away from being my own self and to really understand that the power is already within me. Eventually, all that’s left is to take that inspired action.   
Best part of the program is the weekly calls! I have always been a person who loves a get-together that consists of all the interesting deep talks. Oh, and you, Jasmine! Just seeing how enlightened you are, inspires me a lot. Thanks for sharing your stories throughout the program and for being vulnerable. You are a true example of the universe’s wonderful works in human beings. 

Be the first 10 to enrol into the program, and receive a FREE Jade Stone Gua Sha, valued at $30.

Gua Sha is an ancient Chinese healing technique involving naturally scraping your skin with a tool to improve blood circulation. 
The Jade stone has naturally cooling properties, making it an ideal tool for gua sha as it generates heat in the face. It is also known for having similar qi-energy- to the human body, giving it balancing properties for body healing.

The Awakened Woman begins on Friday 5th February, for 6 weeks. 

The total investment is $430 USD. 

Upon enrolment, the program is payable by PayPal & card.

Upon payment for the program, you are officially in!

You will then receive a welcome email including the call dates and times, links to the Zoom call, and access to the private facebook group. 

The worksheets will be sent each week so we can complete it together.

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